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AFLW has delivered great stories of young women following their dreams to play footy at the highest level. Now women who have dreamed big and achieved amazing things in different industries share what they’ve learnt along the way.

One woman smashes into brick walls for a living, another wants to break through sport’s glass ceiling. One woman is the youngest to be drafted to the AFLW, another is the youngest person on an AFL board. These four women share how they have challenged the status quo to follow their dreams.

Never Ever Give Up

Ky Furneaux

Never Ever
Give Up

Don't Let Anyone Steal YOur Dreams - Tiff Cherry

Tiff Cherry

Don't Let Anyone Steal YOur Dreams

Be a leader - Holly Ransom

Holly Ransom

Be A Leader

Stand Tall - Erin Mckinnon

Erin Mckinnon

Stand Tall

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