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Balance for Better

International Women's Day

Sporting communities are rich with stories of women & men who have found the necessary strength to fight for better balance and a better world. Stories of possibility, drive, resilience & bravery.

In support of International Women’s Day we collaborated with photographer Steph Comelli to celebrate these voices through a series of black & white photographic portraits.

Because a balanced world is a better world.

For everyone.

Danielle Ponter

More opportunities for Indigenous women to realise their dreams.

Danielle Ponter, Indigenous AFLW Footballer

Ben Brown

Diversity and inclusion makes organisations, businesses and sporting clubs stronger.

Ben Brown, AFL Footballer

Nicole Livingstone

Female football players equally valued and equally considered.

Nicole Livingstone, Olympic Medallist and Head of Women's Football

Darcy Vescio

Challenge what you’ve always done; realise what you could become.

Darcy Vescio, Graphic Designer and AFLW Footballer

Nick Russell

Proudly working four-day weeks so my wife can too.

Nick Russell, Actor, director and co-host of Home Ground Heroes AFLW podcast

Eleni Glouftsis

Don’t ever let what’s “normal” or what’s been done in the past stop you from being great.

Eleni Glouftsis, Physical education teacher and the first female AFL field umpire

Outer Sanctum

Sport’s a mirror on society; our game’s richer when it reflects us all.

The Outer Sanctum, Footy Podcasters

Sarah Wyse

Flexible work opportunities for both men and women.

Sarah Wyse, Founder of Wyse Women and head of AFL Media Network

Kirby Bentley

Opportunities to succeed at everything with no limitations.

Kirby Bentley, Indigenous AFLW Footballer

Alison Smirnoff

Visible female role models in every field.

Alison Smirnoff, Darebin Falcons football manager

Sarah-Jane Woulahan

Freedom of opportunity and equality in the assumption of potential.

Sarah-Jane Woulahan, Filmmaker, AFLW storyteller

Sarah Black and Nat Edwards

Hearing and learning from varied voices with different experiences.

Sarah Black, Football reporter and co-host of Credit to the Girls AFLW podcast

Education for all no matter what gender, race or background.

Nat Edwards, Football reporter and co-host of Credit to the Girls AFLW podcast

Nick Musgrove

Parenting as a team, to make both careers matter.

Nick Musgrove, writer, AFLW storyteller and co-host of Home Ground Heroes AFLW podcast

Sam Lane

One woman among men isn’t balance. True balance requires women and men.

Sam Lane, Journalist, author and TV presenter

Abbie McKay

Balance means equal opportunities. No exceptions.

Abbie McKay, University student and first father-daughter AFLW draft pick

Nigel Carmody

What my wife, daughter, mum and sister deserve.

Nigel Carmody, Seven AFLW commentator

Tanya Hosch

A balanced world makes sense. In the AFL there’s the will to achieve it.

Tanya Hosch, First Indigenous AFL executive member and AFL General Manager inclusion and social policy

Steph Comelli

An equal playing field allows ANYONE to dream without limits.

Steph Comelli, Community footballer and sports photographer