Demon and Blue to challenge bans at Tribunal

THE AFLW Tribunal will sit on Tuesday night after two key forwards – Melbourne's Tegan Cunningham and Carlton's Tayla Harris – challenged the suspensions offered to them.

Cunningham had been offered a two-match suspension with an early guilty plea for striking Brisbane defender Shannon Campbell, while Harris was offered a one-match penalty with an early guilty plea for rough conduct against Giant Pepa Randall.

The Demon's off-the-ball incident was assessed as intentional conduct with medium impact to the head. 

"We believe the action was an intentional striking motion," Match Review Officer Michael Christian told

"There's the question of impact, the visual look of the [force of the] strike, the time inconvenienced by the player and the medical report.

"Shannon spent considerable time off the field and in conjunction with the medical report, it took it above low impact."

Cunningham and Campbell also clashed earlier in the match, with Cunningham offered a reprimand with an early guilty plea for rough conduct. It was graded as intentional conduct with low impact to the body. 

In Harris' case, the Blue appeared to run past the ball to bump Randall in the dying minutes of the match, with the collision rated as careless conduct with medium impact to the head.

Tayla's bump knocks Giant flat

00:32 Feb 16. 2019. 7:01 PM

Blue Tayla Harris could face MRO scrutiny after this solid hit on Pepa Randall

"The rules of the game permit you to run over the ball and bump within five metres of it," Christian said.

"You must however execute the bump fairly. Tayla's shoulder made contact with Pepa's head and with the medical report we graded it as medium impact.

"To be graded as intentional conduct, we have to be satisfied the player deliberately bumped their opponent in the head. Otherwise, it's careless conduct."

Young Adelaide forward Chloe Scheer has accepted a one-match suspension for rough conduct (a sling tackle, graded as careless with medium impact to the head) on Geelong's Richelle Cranston.

Coincidentally, Cranston herself had just returned from a two-match suspension for a sling tackle in a pre-season match. 

Pacey Fremantle midfielder Hayley Miller accepted a one-match suspension for rough conduct against Collingwood defender Ash Brazill. 

Brazill suffered a concussion in the incident, which saw her sandwiched between Miller and Ashlee Atkins in a marking contest. It was assessed as careless conduct with medium impact to the head. 

Two players were offered reprimands with early guilty pleas:

- Carlton defender Nicola Stevens, charged with striking Elle Bennetts (careless conduct with low impact to the head)
- Western Bulldogs defender Hannah Scott, charged with engaging in rough conduct against Chloe Haines (intentional conduct with low impact to the body) 

A match-day report against North Melbourne's Jess Duffin for forceful front-on contact with Ellie Blackburn was assessed, but the conclusion was made Duffin was contesting the ball and had no realistic alternative way to do so. 

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