2020 wishlist: Your club's dream pick-up for next season

WITH season three of the NAB AFL Women's competition completed, eyes now turn to the AFLW Sign and Trade Period starting on Monday.

All 311 current AFLW players (including those who were inactive this season) are out of contract.

For the first time, clubs will be able to sign players on two-season deals, with no limit on the number of one- or two-season contracts teams can offer.

The four new teams – Gold Coast, Richmond, St Kilda and West Coast – can each sign up to 12 players from other teams. Eight of those players can come from Brisbane and Fremantle and four from the other teams.

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The 10 established teams must trim their lists to 22 players by the end of the period.

In 2020, teams will have lists of 30, with up to three being rookies (players not listed with any Australian football team for the past three years).

womens.afl has had a look at each of the 10 existing teams' lists to identify the type of player they most need. We've also taken a wild punt at the ideal player to fill that role. These are speculative only, with no expectation the moves will come to fruition.


Needs: Following ACL injuries to Chloe Scheer and Erin Phillips in the AFLW Grand Final triumph, the Crows need a key forward. Although the duo has plenty of time for rehabilitation before the start of next season (traditionally in February), some insurance up forward would be wise.

Who could fill that role? A dynamic, strong-marking target like the Western Bulldogs' Aisling Utri would be perfect.


Needs: Having lost Tayla Harris at the end of 2017 and now Sabrina Frederick-Traub (who announced her intention to move to Victoria), the Lions desperately need a marking target up forward. They will regain 170cm Sophie Conway from an ACL injury, but must find a taller goalkicker as well.

Who could fill that role? A mobile tall like Melbourne's Tegan Cunningham would be ideal.

Tegan Cunningham could be the marking target Brisbane needs


Needs: Another outside midfielder to capitalise on the great contested work done by skipper Brianna Davey and this year's NAB AFLW Rising Star Maddy Prespakis. The Blues improved their centre-square work this year but could take it to another level to match the likes of Adelaide.

Who could fill that role: How about former Blue Nat Exon? The speedster (pictured in main image above) moved north to Brisbane at the end of the 2017 season and took her game to another level this year.


Needs: Although the Pies improved as the season went on, Sarah D'Arcy needs quite a bit of support up forward, whether that be a small or tall.

Who could fill that role: Adelaide's Eloise Jones grew in confidence over the last few weeks of the season and is a genuine lead-up forward who provides (and usually wins) a contest.

Eloise Jones celebrates a goal during the Grand Final win over Carlton


Needs: Alex Williams' untimely torn right ACL in round six exposed Fremantle's defensive stocks, with Ebony Antonio forced to move from the forward line to cover for her. Another key back would be ideal.

Who could fill that role? Geelong's Meg McDonald is one of the rare defenders who can not only stop a player, but launch an attacking foray as well. She would suit the Dockers' run-and-gun style.


Needs: The Cats were the tallest team in 2019, and it showed when the ball hit the ground. A smaller, speedy forward or two would help enormously next year.

Who could fill that role? Seeing we're going with dream scenarios, let's throw in the competition's leading goalkicker, Crow Stevie-Lee Thompson.


Needs: For the second year in a row, the Giants – the smallest team in the competition – were exposed down back, struggling to halt opponents' momentum and being beaten in the air.

Who could fill that role? Adelaide full-back Sarah Allan is a star on the rise. She's a strong lockdown defender who directs play from the last line.


Needs: Melbourne has a pretty well-rounded best 21, but a quick half-back would help a list in need of a bit more depth.

Who could fill that role? Although she played mostly up forward this year, Fremantle's Ebony Antonio is an All Australian defender and is exactly the type of player to suit Melbourne.


Needs: The Roos are in a very similar position to Melbourne with a strong core of players. They had an excellent start to the season but were exposed for pace in defence over the last few weeks.

Who could fill that role? This is a left-field choice, but Giant Ellie Brush – also a good intercept mark – would fit the bill.


Needs: The Bulldogs haven't quite recovered from losing Emma Kearney and Jenna Bruton to North Melbourne and need an outside midfielder to support the work of Kirsty Lamb and Ellie Blackburn.

Who could fill that role? Fremantle's Hayley Miller, a strong runner who is difficult to catch once she gets going.

The Dogs could use Hayley Miller and her strong run

The AFLW Sign and Trade Period runs from April 8-18.