AFLW Trade and Signing Period wrap: Lions lose three more

FOURTEEN players agreed to terms on the second-last day of the initial AFLW and Trade and Signing Period on Wednesday, with Brisbane again in the spotlight.

The under-siege Lions announced they had re-signed their 2019 best and fairest, midfielder Ally Anderson, and defenders Breanna Koenen, Shannon Campbell and Arianna Clarke.

However, they said goodbye to midfielders Nat Exon and Kate McCarthy, who joined new team St Kilda, and defender McKenzie Dowrick, who heads home to Western Australia to join West Coast.

Brisbane received three compensatory draft selections for losing players over and above the expansion teams' signing limit of eight of its players: the Saints' first-rounder (currently pick 11) for McCarthy, Richmond's first choice (12) for Sabrina Frederick, and the Eagles' first pick (13) for Dowrick. 

On top of grabbing Dowrick, the Eagles also secured forward Kellie Gibson and ruck Alicia Janz from Fremantle. All three settled on two-year contracts. 

Key forward Sarah Perkins headlines Adelaide’s delistings. The 2017 premiership player managed just two games this year, playing SANFLW for most of the season, with Sally Riley, Katelyn Rosenzweig and Rheanne Lugg also without contracts.

Jenna McCormick, who also plays W-League for Brisbane Roar, has chosen to pursue soccer fulltime.

North Melbourne locked away two Tasmanians, onballer/defender Nicole Bresnehan (for the next two seasons) and midfielder/forward Daria Bannister for 2020.

The Western Bulldogs re-signed midfielder Aisling Utri, ruck Kim Rennie and defender Bailey Hunt.

Carlton, Geelong, Greater Western Sydney, the least active of the teams, are expected to make announcements on Thursday.

The first AFLW Trade and Signing Period concludes on Thursday, with a second phase (only for non-expansion teams) and a free agency window for teams to sign delisted players from April 23-26. 


Signed: Ailish Considine, Renee Forth, Anne Hatchard, Eloise Jones, Hannah Martin, Justine Mules, Chelsea Randall, Chloe Scheer, Deni Varnhagen
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: Rheanne Lugg, Sarah Perkins, Sally Riley, Katelyn Rosenzweig
Retired: Jenna McCormick

Signed: Ally Anderson, Lauren Arnell, Emily Bates, Shannion Campbell, Arianna Clarke, Sophie Conway, Gabby Collingwood, Jade Ellenger, Natalie Grider, Jessy Keeffe, Breanna Koenen, Kate Lutkins, Brianna McFarlane (rookie), Jesse Wardlaw, Sharni Webb, Jess Wuestchner, Jordan Zanchetta, Emma Zielke
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: Bella Ayre (retired), Lauren Bella (Gold Coast), McKenzie Dowrick (West Coast), Nat Exon (St Kilda), Sabrina Frederick (Richmond), Tori Groves-Little (Gold Coast), Leah Kaslar (Gold Coast), Kate McCarthy (St Kilda), Paige Parker (Gold Coast), Emma Pittman (Gold Coast), Sam Virgo (Gold Coast), Jacqui Yorston (Gold Coast)

Signed: N/A
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing:  Shae Audley, Kirby Bentley, Reni Hicks, Bridie Kennedy (all delisted); Rhiannon Watt (St Kilda)

Signed: Sophie Alexander, Britt Bonnici, Lauren Butler, Mikala Cann, Sophie Casey, Steph Chiocci, Sarah D'Arcy, Sarah Dargan, Erica Fowler, Georgia Gourlay, Eliza Hynes, Jaimee Lambert, Stacey Livingstone, Katie Lynch, Chloe Molloy, Ruby Schleicher, Maddie Shevlin
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: Darcy Guttridge (St Kilda), Iilish Ross (Richmond)

Signed: Ebony Antonio, Kiara Bowers, Tayla Bresland, Steph Cain, Kara Donnellan, Sabreena Duffy, Evie Gooch, Katie-Jayne Grieve, Gemma Houghton, Leah Mascall, Hayley Miller, Gabby O'Sullivan, Laura Pugh, Matilda Sergeant, Philipa Seth, Ashley Sharp, Angelique Stannett, Alex Williams
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: Ashlee Atkins (West Coast), Melissa Caulfield (West Coast), Kellie Gibson (West Coast), Brianna Green (West Coast), Courtney Guard (nee Stubbs; West Coast), Dana Hooker (West Coast), Alicia Janz (West Coast), Parris Laurie (West Coast)

Signed: N/A
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: Erin Hoare (retired)

Signed: Lauren Bella (Brisbane), Tiarna Enrst (Western Bulldogs), Tori Groves-Little (Brisbane), Charlotte Hammans, Ellie Hampson (both u/18), Leah Kaslar, Paige Parker, Emma Pittman (all Brisbane), Jamie Stanton (North Melbourne), Sam Virgo (Brisbane), Kitara Whap-Farrar (u/18), Jacqui Yorston (Brisbane)
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: N/A

Signed: N/A
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: Christina Bernardi (Richmond), Maddy Collier (West Coast), Phoebe Monahan (Richmond), Emma Swanson (West Coast)

Signed: Harriet Cordner, Tegan Cunningham, Meg Downie, Chantel Emonson (rookie), Maddison Gay, Madeleine Guerin, Tyla Hanks, Kate Hore, Bianca Jakobsson, Sarah Lampard, Lily Mithen, Aliesha Newman, Elise O'Dea, Karen Paxman, Lauren Pearce, Shelley Scott, Casey Sherriff, Shae Sloane (rookie), Katherine Smith, Eden Zanker
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: Maddy Brancatisano (Richmond)

Signed: Kaitlyn Ashmore, Daria Bannister, Daisy Bateman, Nicole Bresnehan, Jenna Bruton, Jasmine Garner, Britt Gibson, Kate Gillespie-Jones, Jasmine Grierson, Danielle Hardiman, Emma Kearney, Emma King, Tahlia Randall
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: Alison Drennan (St Kilda), Moana Hope (delisted), Jamie Stanton (Gold Coast)

Signed: Christina Bernardi (Greater Western Sydney), Maddy Brancatisano (Melbourne), Katie Brennan (Western Bulldogs), Sabrina Frederick (Brisbane), Phoebe Monahan (Greater Western Sydney), Iilish Ross (Collingwood)
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: First-round selection (currently pick 12, Brisbane)

Signed: Alison Brown (academy), Alison Drennan (North Melbourne), Nat Exon (Brisbane), Darcy Guttridge (Collingwood), Selena Karlson (Western Bulldogs), Kate McCarthy (Brisbane), Molly McDonald (u/18), Isabella Shannon (u/18), Rhiannon Watt (Carlton)
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: N/A

Signed: Ashlee Atkins (Fremantle), Mikayla Bowen (u/18), Melissa Caulfield (Fremantle), Maddy Collier (Greater Western Sydney), Rosie Deegan (u/18), McKenzie Dowrick (Brisbane), Kellie Gibson (Fremantle), Brianna Green (Fremantle), Courtney Guard (nee Stubbs; Fremantle), Dana Hooker (Fremantle), Alicia Janz (Fremantle), Parris Laurie (Fremantle), Belinda Smith (Western Bulldogs), Emma Swanson (Greater Western Sydney)
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: N/A

Signed: Deanna Berry, Ellie Blackburn, Eleanor Brown, Naomi Ferres, Bailey Hunt, Isabel Huntington, Kirsty Lamb, Brooke Lochland, Aisling McCarthy, Kirsten McLeod, Celine Moody, Kim Rennie, Hannah Scott, Lauren Spark, Bonnie Toogood, Aisling Utri
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: Katie Brennan (Richmond), Tiarna Ernst (Gold Coast), Selena Karlson (St Kilda), Belinda Smith (Western Bulldogs)