Trade and Signing Period wrap: Daisy re-signs with Dees

SIX TRADES were made on the final day of the AFL Women's trade and signing period, headlined by Carlton captain Brianna Davey crossing to Collingwood.

Davey's move to the Pies saw six picks swap hands between the two clubs.

Former Melbourne skipper Daisy Pearce has re-signed with the club, just 10 weeks after giving birth to twins. Pearce missed the entire AFLW season due to her pregnancy, but was still on the list as an inactive player.

The Magpies were further buoyed by the re-signing of All Australian defender Ash Brazill and lively Irish midfielder Sarah Rowe, while former Hockeyroo Georgie Parker was one of five Pies who were delisted.

After requesting a trade on the first day of the three-week period, Libby Birch and pick 77 made their way from the Western Bulldogs to Melbourne in exchange for fellow defender Ashleigh Guest and picks eight and 48.

Guest has played her VFLW football with the then-VU Western Spurs, a team which is now the Bulldogs' VFLW affiliate and carries the club's name.

Veteran Emma Mackie will add some experience to a young St Kilda line-up after being traded from the Western Bulldogs (along with picks 24 and 30) for pick nine.

The Saints also picked up Demons midfielder Claudia Whitfort and pick 63 for picks 54 and 72.

Geelong capped off a very quiet trade period by announcing the re-signing of 24 players (22 on the senior list and two rookies), headlined by star bookends Meg McDonald and Phoebe McWilliams, captain Melissa Hickey and NAB AFLW Rising Star nominees Nina Morrison and Olivia Deane-Purcell.

Meanwhile, North Melbourne's Tasmanian contingent has been boosted by three, with the Roos re-signing southern trio Emma Humphries and twins Libby and Chloe Haines on the last day of the period.

Expansion club West Coast made a late move, adding Western Bulldog forward and Western Australian Kate Bartlett for pick 90, and Fremantle's Cassie Davidson for pick 86.

The Dockers also retained their number one selection from last year's draft, Jasmin Stewart, who didn't play a game this season.

A free agency period for delisted players now runs from Friday 26th to Tuesday 30th of April, with lists to be lodged with the AFL on 3 May.

The NAB AFLW Draft date is yet to be set but is traditionally in mid-October. 


Signed: Sarah Allan, Ailish Considine (rookie), Dayna Cox, Courtney Cramey, Angela Foley, Jessica Foley, Renee Forth, Nikki Gore, Anne Hatchard, Eloise Jones, Sophie Li, Ebony Marinoff, Hannah Martin, Rhiannon Metcalfe, Justine Mules, Maisie Nankivell (rookie), Erin Phillips, Danielle Ponter, Marijana Rajcic, Chelsea Randall, Chloe Scheer, Stevie-Lee Thompson, Deni Varnhagen, Ruth Wallace. Third-round selection (pick 46, GWS).
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signings: Jessica Allan (Greater Western Sydney)Jasmyn Hewett (Gold Coast), Rheanne Lugg, Jenna McCormick, Sarah Perkins, Sally Riley, Katelyn Rosenzweig, Jess Sedunary (St Kilda).

Signed: Ally Anderson, Lauren Arnell, Emily Bates, Shannon Campbell, Arianna Clarke, Sophie Conway, Gabby Collingwood, Jade Ellenger, Natalie Grider, Jessy Keeffe, Breanna Koenen, Kate Lutkins, Brianna McFarlane (rookie), Jesse Wardlaw, Sharni Webb, Jess Wuestchner, Jordan Zanchetta, Emma Zielke. Three first-round selections (picks 11, 12 and 13 from Richmond, St Kilda and West Coast).
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signings: Bella Ayre (retired), Lauren Bella (Gold Coast), Ruby Blair (retired), McKenzie Dowrick (West Coast), Nat Exon (St Kilda), Sabrina Frederick (Richmond), Tori Groves-Little (Gold Coast), Megan Hunt (delisted), Leah Kaslar (Gold Coast), Kate McCarthy (St Kilda), Paige Parker (Gold Coast), Emma Pittman (Gold Coast), Krystal Scott (rookie, delisted), Sam Virgo (Gold Coast), Jacqui Yorston (Gold Coast).

Signed: Lauren Brazzale, Chloe Dalton, Alison Downie, Jess Edwards, Georgia Gee, Kerryn Harrington, Tayla Harris, Jess Hosking, Sarah Hosking, Katie Loynes, Abbie McKay, Breann Moody, Natalie Plane, Gabriella Pound, Madison Prespakis, Nicola Stevens, Jayde Van Dyk, Darcy Vescio, Brooke Walker, Charlotte Wilson, Emerson Woods. First-round selection (pick 2, Collingwood), second-round selection (pick 26, Collingwood), third-round selection (pick 44, Collingwood), fourth-round selection (pick 59, Collingwood).
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signings:  Shae Audley, Kirby Bentley, Brianna Davey (Collingwood), Reni Hicks, Bridie Kennedy, Tilly Lucas-Rodd (all delisted); Amelia Mullane (retired), Rhiannon Watt (St Kilda), Courtney Webb (delisted). Fourth-round selection (pick 67, Collingwood), fifth-round selection (82, Collingwood).

Signed: Sophie Alexander, Jordy Allen, Britt Bonnici, Ashleigh Brazill, Lauren Butler, Mikala Cann, Sophie Casey, Steph Chiocci, Sarah D'Arcy, Brianna Davey (Carlton), Sarah Dargan, Erica Fowler, Emma Grant, Georgia Gourlay, Eliza Hynes, Jaimee Lambert, Sharni Layton, Stacey Livingstone, Katie Lynch, Chloe Molloy, Sarah Rowe, Ruby Schleicher, Maddie Shevlin, Kristy Stratton. Fourth-round selection (pick 67, Carlton), fifth-round selection (82, Carlton).
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signings: Darcy Guttridge (St Kilda), Nicole Hildebrand (delisted), Melissa Kuys (delisted), Jordan Membrey (delisted), Cecilia McIntosh (retired), Iilish Ross (Richmond), Holly Whitford (delisted). First-round selection (pick 2, Carlton), second-round selection (pick 26, Carlton), third-round selection (pick 44, Carlton), fourth-round selection (pick 59, Carlton).

Signed: Ebony Antonio, Kiara Bowers, Tayla Bresland, Steph Cain, Kara Donnellan, Sabreena Duffy, Evie Gooch, Katie-Jayne Grieve, Gemma Houghton, Leah Mascall, Hayley Miller, Gabby O'Sullivan, Laura Pugh, Matilda Sergeant, Philipa Seth, Ashley Sharp, Angelique Stannett, Jasmin Stewart, Alex Williams. Fifth-round selection (pick 86, West Coast).
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signings: Ashlee Atkins (West Coast), Melissa Caulfield (West Coast), Cassie Davidson (West Coast), Ebony Dowson (delisted), Kellie Gibson (West Coast), Brianna Green (West Coast), Courtney Guard (nee Stubbs; West Coast), Dana Hooker (West Coast), Alicia Janz (West Coast), Parris Laurie (West Coast), Tayla McAuliffe (delisted), Brianna Moyes (rookie, delisted).

Signed: Cassie Blakeway, Madeleine Boyd, Rene Caris, Georgia Clarke, Richelle Cranston, Julia Crockett-Grills, Kate Darby, Olivia Deane-Purcell, Renee Garing, Rebecca Goring, Melissa Hickey, Jordan Ivey, Madeline Keryk, Meghan McDonald, Maddy McMahon (rookie), Phoebe McWilliams, Nina Morrison, Aasta O'Connor, Danielle Orr, Georgie Rankin (rookie), Denby Taylor, Anna Teague, Sophie Van De Heuvel, Rebecca Webster.
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signings: Hannah Burchell (delisted), Mia-Rae Clifford (delisted), Elise Coventry (delisted), Maighan Fogas (delisted), Erin Hoare (retired), Hayley Trevean (delisted).

Signed: Lauren Bella (Brisbane), Tiarna Ernst (Western Bulldogs), Tori Groves-Little (Brisbane), Charlotte Hammans, Ellie Hampson (both u/18), Jasmyn Hewett (Adelaide), Leah Kaslar, Paige Parker, Emma Pittman (all Brisbane), Jamie Stanton (North Melbourne), Sam Virgo (Brisbane), Kitara Whap-Farrar (u/18), Jacqui Yorston (Brisbane).
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signings: None.

Signed: Jessica Allan (Adelaide), Jacinda Barclay, Nicola Barr, Rebecca Beeson, Elle Bennetts, Yvonne Bonner, Ellie Brush, Jess Dal Pos, Taylah Davies (rookie), Alicia Eva, Amanda Farrugia, Tanya Hetherington, Jodie Hicks, Erin McKinnon, Ingrid Nielsen, Alyce Parker, Pepa Randall, Aimee Schmidt, Cora Staunton, Louise Stephenson, Britt Tully, Haneen Zreika.
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signings: Christina Bernardi (Richmond), Maddy Collier (West Coast), Delma Gisu (delisted), Tait Mackrill (delisted), Phoebe Monahan (Richmond), Ebony O'Dea (delisted), Brittany Perry (delisted), Emma Swanson (West Coast), Renee Tomkins (delisted), Lisa Whiteley (delisted). Third-round selection (pick 46, Adelaide).

Signed: Libby Birch (Western Bulldogs), Harriet Cordner, Tegan Cunningham, Meg Downie, Chantel Emonson (rookie), Maddison Gay, Madeleine Guerin, Tyla Hanks, Shelley Heath, Kate Hore, Bianca Jakobsson, Ainslie Kemp, Sarah Lampard, Lily Mithen, Aliesha Newman, Elise O'Dea, Karen Paxman, Daisy Pearce, Lauren Pearce, Shelley Scott, Casey Sherriff, Shae Sloane (promoted from rookie to primary list), Katherine Smith, Eden Zanker. Third-round selection (pick 54, St Kilda), fourth-round selection (pick 72, St Kilda), fifth-round selection (pick 77, Western Bulldogs).
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signings: Maddy Brancatisano (Richmond), Ashleigh Guest (Western Bulldogs), Jordann Hickey (delisted), Brooke Patterson (delisted), Cat Phillips (St Kilda), Talia Radan (delisted), Claudia Whitfort (St Kilda), Ashleigh Woodland (delisted). First-round selection (pick 8, Western Bulldogs), third-round selection (pick 48, Western Bulldogs), fourth-round selection (pick 63, St Kilda).

Signed: Sophie Abbatangelo, Kaitlyn Ashmore, Daria Bannister, Daisy Bateman, Nicole Bresnehan, Jenna Bruton, Jess Duffin, Jasmine Garner, Britt Gibson, Kate Gillespie-Jones, Jasmine Grierson, Chloe Haines, Libby Haines, Danielle Hardiman, Emma Humphries, Emma Kearney, Elisha King, Emma King, Beth Lynch (rookie), Taylor Mesiti, Tahlia Randall, Ash Riddell, Jess Trend.
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signings: Alison Drennan (St Kilda), Moana Hope (delisted), Courteney Munn (St Kilda), Georgia Nanscawen (delisted), Maddison Smith (delisted), Jamie Stanton (Gold Coast), Jessie Williams (rookie, delisted).

Signed: Christina Bernardi (Greater Western Sydney), Maddy Brancatisano (Melbourne), Monique Conti (Western Bulldogs), Katie Brennan (Western Bulldogs), Sabrina Frederick (Brisbane), Phoebe Monahan (Greater Western Sydney), Iilish Ross (Collingwood).
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: First-round selection (pick 1, Western Bulldogs, first-round selection (pick 12, Brisbane).

Signed: Alison Brown (academy), Alison Drennan (North Melbourne), Nat Exon (Brisbane), Darcy Guttridge (Collingwood), Selena Karlson (Western Bulldogs), Emma Mackie (Western Bulldogs), Kate McCarthy (Brisbane), Molly McDonald (u/18), Courteney Munn (North Melbourne), Cat Phillips (Melbourne), Isabella Shannon (u/18), Jess Sedunary (Adelaide), Rhiannon Watt (Carlton), Claudia Whitfort (Melbourne). Two second-round selections (picks 24 and 30, Western Bulldogs), fourth-round selection (pick 63, Melbourne).
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signings: First-round selection (pick 9, Western Bulldogs), first-round selection (pick 11, Brisbane), third-round selection (pick 54, Melbourne), fourth-round selection (pick 72, St Kilda).

Signed: Ashlee Atkins (Fremantle), Kate Bartlett (Western Bulldogs), Mikayla Bowen (u/18), Melissa Caulfield (Fremantle), Maddy Collier (Greater Western Sydney), Cassie Davidson (Fremantle), Rosie Deegan (u/18), McKenzie Dowrick (Brisbane), Kellie Gibson (Fremantle), Brianna Green (Fremantle), Courtney Guard (nee Stubbs; Fremantle), Dana Hooker (Fremantle), Alicia Janz (Fremantle), Grace Kelly (rookie), Niamh Kelly (rookie), Parris Laurie (Fremantle), Belinda Smith (Western Bulldogs), Emma Swanson (Greater Western Sydney).
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signing: First-round selection (pick 13, Brisbane), fifth-round selection (pick 86, Fremantle), sixth-round selection (pick 90, Western Bulldogs).

Signed: Deanna Berry, Ellie Blackburn, Eleanor Brown, Nicole Callinan, Naomi Ferres, Ellyse Gamble, Angelica Gogos, Ashleigh Guest (Melbourne), Bailey Hunt, Isabel Huntington, Kirsty Lamb, Brooke Lochland, Aisling McCarthy, Kirsten McLeod, Celine Moody, Kim Rennie, Hannah Scott, Lauren Spark, Bonnie Toogood, Aisling Utri, Hayley Wildes. First-round selection (pick 1, Richmond), first-round selection (pick 8, Melbourne), first-round selection (pick 9, St Kilda), third-round selection (pick 48, Melbourne), sixth-round selection (pick 90, West Coast).
Delisted/Traded/Expansion Signings: Kate Bartlett (West Coast), Libby Birch (Melbourne), Tessa Boyd (rookie, delisted), Katie Brennan (Richmond), Monique Conti (Richmond), Jessie Davies (rookie, delisted), Tiarna Ernst (Gold Coast), Selena Karlson (St Kilda), Emma Mackie (St Kilda), Belinda Smith (Western Bulldogs). Two second-round selections (picks 24 and 30, Western Bulldogs), Fifth-round selection (pick 77, Melbourne).