Second chance beckons for delisted free agents

NINE of the 14 AFL Women's teams are eligible to sign delisted free agents looking for another chance.

The Trade and Signing Period finished last Friday, with a window for signing delisted free agents open until Tuesday afternoon.

The 14 teams can sign up to 22 senior list players and up to three rookies before officially lodging their lists with the AFL on May 3.

Forty-one players are eligible for free agency, with the four new teams (Gold Coast, Richmond, St Kilda and West Coast) having multiple spots available. The other teams that could be active are Brisbane (five spots), Fremantle (three) and Carlton, Greater Western Sydney and the Western Bulldogs (one each).

Here's a look at the players most likely to come under consideration.

Sarah Perkins (key forward; delisted by Adelaide)

A star in the first AFLW season, Perkins (pictured above) struggled to crack a strong Adelaide line-up this year, spending most of the season playing for SANFLW side Woodville West-Torrens. Has genuine footy smarts and good goal sense, but mobility can be an issue at times.

Sally Riley (utility; delisted by Adelaide)

A very reliable player who can slot into nearly any position on the ground, Riley played 14 of a possible 23 games for Adelaide in three seasons. Steady ball-user and a popular teammate.

Tilly Lucas-Rodd (small forward/midfielder; delisted by Carlton)

Rebounded late in the season after being dropped to produce some of her best footy in three years with the Blues. Often pops up in dangerous spots across the ground and has good speed.

Nicole Hildebrand (mid-sized defender; delisted by Collingwood)

Never really got a run at it at Collingwood, despite playing the vast majority of the 2018 VFLW season for the club after two years at Brisbane. Courageous and reads the ball well in flight.

Mia-Rae Clifford (mid-sized forward/defender; delisted by Geelong)

Reinvented herself as a defensive forward for Geelong in the 2018 VFLW season after playing as an undersized key back for Melbourne in the AFLW in 2017. Knows where the goals and is tough to pay on, but pace is an issue for the 32-year-old.

Tait Mackrill (mid-sized forward; delisted by Greater Western Sydney)

Made her debut for the Giants in 2019. The South Australian has also played in the VFLW, so isn't averse to travelling for her footy. Started to find her feet at the top level, has strong hands and a big kick.

Brooke Patterson (defender; delisted by Melbourne)

Experienced and steady defender who played just two games in her third AFLW season and was named emergency four times. Ex-basketballer who reads the play well.

Moana Hope has been delisted by North Melbourne

Moana Hope (forward; delisted by North Melbourne)

One of the biggest names in the AFLW, Hope has excellent goal sense (23 goals in 20 games) but can fade out of matches.

OTHER DELISTED PLAYERS: Rheanne Lugg, Katelyn Rosenzweig (Adelaide); Megan Hunt, Krystal Scott (Brisbane); Shae Audley, Kirby Bentley, Reni Hicks, Bridie Kennedy, Courtney Webb (Carlton); Melissa Kuys, Jordan Membrey, Georgie Parker, Holly Whitford (Collingwood); Ebony Dowson, Tayla McAuliffe, Brianna Moyes (Fremantle); Hannah Burchell, Elise Coventry, Maighan Fogas, Hayley Trevean (Geelong); Delma Gisu, Ebony O'Dea, Britt Perry, Renee Tomkins, Lisa Whiteley (Greater Western Sydney); Jordann Hickey, Talia Radan, Ashleigh Woodland (Melbourne); Georgia Nanscawen, Maddison Smith, Jessie Williams (North Melbourne); Tessa Boyd, Jessie Davies (Western Bulldogs)

RETIRED: Jenna McCormick (Adelaide); Bella Ayre, Ruby Blair (Brisbane); Amelia Mullane (Carlton); Cecilia McIntosh (Collingwood); Erin Hoare (Geelong); Courtney Gum (Greater Western Sydney)


(Teams can have a maximum of 22 senior list players and three rookies by May 3, with a further five to be selected at the NAB AFL Draft)

Adelaide – 22 and two rookies
Brisbane – 17 and one rookie
Carlton – 21
Collingwood – 22 and two rookies
Fremantle – 19
Geelong – 22 and two rookies
Gold Coast – 13
Greater Western Sydney – 21 and one rookie
Melbourne – 23 and one rookie (reinstating Daisy Pearce from the Inactive List after her pregnancy and retaining Pearce's replacement signing Casey Sherriff pushed the Demons past 22 and will require them to give up a second-round draft pick in October)
North Melbourne – 22 and one rookie
Richmond – seven
St Kilda – 14
West Coast – 16 and two rookies
Western Bulldogs – 21