SA, NSW/ACT off to winning starts at U18 Championships

SOUTH Australia's Kiana Lee kicked two bags of four goals, with Tasmania's Mia King (pictured above) and NSW/ACT's Georgia Garnett also starring in the first group of matches in the NAB AFLW National under-18 Championships.

Northern Territory travelled to South Australia to play two matches over the weekend, where the host team proved to be far too strong on both occasions.

The locals won their first game by 58 points and the second by 69.

Lee, a top-age forward from Woodville-West Torrens, was one of South Australia's best over the weekend, as well as Jaimi Tabb, Teagan Usher (both also top-agers from Woodville-West Torrens) and Teah Charlton (one year away, South Adelaide).

In similar fashion, host side NSW/ACT comfortably accounted for Tasmania in its two matches on Friday and Sunday, winning by 58 and 68 points.

East Coast Eagles' Garnett was one of NSW/ACT's best over the weekend, Brenna Tarrant (also East Coast Eagles) kicked four goals in one match while Olivia O'Donnell (Queenwood) and Eloise Hiller-Stanbrook (Dubbo) also impressed.

All four are top-age and eligible to be drafted this year.

King (Launceston) was named Tasmania's best and second-best player in the two matches, Hannah Smith (Glenorchy) kicked a goal in each game, with Ella Maurer (North Launceston, bottom-age) and Angelica Clark (Claremont, bottom-age) performing well.

The best players from South Australia and Northern Territory will now come together to form the Central Allies ahead of round two of the championships in July, with NSW/ACT and Tasmania forming the Eastern Allies.

Round one concludes with a two-match series between Queensland and Western Australia over the weekend of June 14-16, and a one-off Vic Country-Vic Metro clash on June 22.

Round two of the championships will be played on the Gold Coast on July 8-12.

Game 1

SOUTH AUSTRALIA   3.1   6.1   9.3   13.5   (83)
NORTHERN TERRITORY   0.0   3.0   3.1   4.1   (25)

South Australia: Lee 4, Ballard 2, Charlton 2, Huynh, Clark, McKinnon, Griffith, Freeman
Northern Territory: Hart-Aluni 2, Breed, Davis

South Australia: Charlton, Munyard, McKinnon, Tabb, Lee, Smith
Northern Territory: Williams, Abbott, Matisse Hunter, Hart-Aluni, Breed, Clarke

NSW/ACT   2.0   5.3   9.3   11.5   (71)
TASMANIA   1.0   1.0   2.1   2.1   (13)

NSW/ACT: Garnett 2, Jolliffe 2, O'Donnell 2, Evans, Fell, Whelan, Doyle, Edwards
Tasmania: Smith, Webster

NSW/ACT: Hiller-Stanbrook, Garnett, Favell, O'Donnell, Whelan, Hamilton
Tasmania: King, Prokopiec, Bortignon, Webster, Maurer, Oates

Game 2

SOUTH AUSTRALIA   3.4   5.8   8.9   10.11   (71)
NORTHERN TERRITORY   0.0   0.0   0.1   0.2   (2)

South Australia: Lee 4, Munyard 2, Charlton 2, Tabb, Tahau
Northern Territory: Nil

South Australia: Usher, Newman, Tabb, Clark, Huynh, Smith
Northern Territory: Miskin-Ripia, Abbott, Healy, Breed, Carbone, Matisse Hunter

NSW/ACT   1.1   3.3   7.5   13.6   (84)
TASMANIA   1.3   2.3   2.4   2.4   (16)

NSW/ACT: Tarrant 4, Doyle 2, Whelan 2, Hurrell, Crelley, Edwards, Fell, Favell
Tasmania: Smith, Griffiths

NSW/ACT: Tarrant, Garnett, Stewart, Phillips, Doyle, O'Donnell
Tasmania: Clark, King, Taylor, Maurer, Morey, Griffiths