She's back: Melbourne superstar returns to training after birth to twins

MELBOURNE superstar Daisy Pearce is back at the club and training three days a week after giving birth to twins Sylvie and Roy in February.

Pearce, 31, re-signed for the 2020 season during the AFLW Sign and Trade Period in May.

The classy midfielder skippered the club during its first two seasons, before sitting out this year due to her pregnancy.

"I'm in the 'pre-pre' pre-season at the moment," Pearce told SEN.

Daisy Pearce with twins Sylvie and Roy. Picture: Instagram

"I started back probably 10 weeks after they were born, and it didn't look much like football training at that point. It was very much rehab, getting my body right and the foundations right so I could build up from there.

"But I'm back now. I do three sessions a week with the club, starting to move now more into football training."

Pearce was surprised at the way her body responded after the birth.

"My fitness was actually all right. I did a lot of swimming through the pregnancy. I didn't feel fit at the time, I felt very unfit and puffy at the time, and I was thinking I was going to have a long, long way to get back," she said.

"But once they were born, I was actually fitter than I thought I was. It was a bit like altitude training, but you're training under the strain of [the babies]. But my strength is gone completely, so that's what I'm working on at the moment."

Other players who have given birth and returned to football (albeit before they started in the AFLW) include West Coast midfielder Dana Hooker, Geelong key back Maddy McMahon and speedy North Melbourne forward/midfielder Sophie Abbatangelo.