CBA still up in the air, but 'promising signs', says star Dog

AS PRE-SEASON looms, the latest collective bargaining agreement is still being discussed between the AFLW playing group, the AFLPA and the AFL.

A three-year CBA was presented to the playing group around two weeks ago, with players subsequently requesting more time to discuss and digest the deal before voting. understands players aren't looking to break away from the AFLPA but have sought independent advice to assist them in their negotiations.

The length of the CBA has been one sticking point, with some players keen to have the flexibility of a one-year deal, while others are fans of the security three years brings.

"We're still working through it with the AFLPA and the players, so it's taken a few weeks and it might take a bit more time to get through it all, but I think that's a promising sign," Western Bulldogs forward Isabel Huntington told

"It shows we've gone through the right processes, rather than sign off the back of a few days' notice. I'm quite happy to be involved in that process, knowing the players have taken every step to make sure they're the most informed about the CBA they can be.

"We're making sure we're making the right decision for the next three years and then seasons after to build up the competition."

Pre-season has traditionally started in mid-November, with the NAB AFLW Draft already locked in for October 22.

But the starting date for training cannot be set until the deal is signed, leaving players struggling to negotiate leave from work.

But the wish to be fully across the finer aspects of the detailed CBA meant pre-season start dates have been put on the backburner, for now.

"It seemed a little bit of a rush for some players and it's obviously really hard to get the whole AFLW playing group together for meetings for the PA to present that information," Huntington said.

"We've asked for a bit more time to digest everything, make sure we know every detail and how that works and what it means for us.

"That's what we've done and we're just trying to make sure we're as informed as possible because it makes a difference to our lifestyle. We all just want to grow the competition as much as we can; working with the AFLPA and AFL through that is very important to us."