AFLCA votes: Crow sets new record, but misses out on perfect 10

ANNE Hatchard may have set an AFLW record for most disposals in a match, but it wasn't enough to get the perfect 10 votes in the AFLCA AFLW champion player of the year. 

The Crows midfielder and Brisbane defender Kate Lutkins split the maximum votes, getting a four and five each from coaches Matthew Clarke and Craig Starcevich.

Four players are sitting equal first in the tally with 10 votes apiece: Carlton midfielder Maddy Prespakis, Melbourne forward Kate Hore, Collingwood small Jaimee Lambert and Western Bulldogs skipper Ellie Blackburn.

Watch: Gun Crow breaks 'disposal per minute' record

04:22 Feb 10. 2020. 3:26 PM

Adelaide star Anne Hatchard sets an AFLW record with 35 disposals in quick time

Round one votes

Richmond v Carlton

10 Madison Prespakis (CARL)
7 Breann Moody (CARL)
6 Tayla Harris (CARL)
3 Grace Egan (CARL)
2 Phoebe Monahan (RICH)
1 Katie Loynes (CARL)
1 Charlotte Wilson (CARL)

AFLW Match Highlights: Richmond v Carlton

05:14 Feb 7. 2020. 9:53 PM

The Tigers and Blues clash in Round 1 of the AFLW

Greater Western Sydney v Gold Coast

7 Alyce Parker (GWS)
6 Jamie Stanton (GCFC)
6 Alicia Eva (GWS)
4 Jacqui Yorston (GCFC)
3 Rebecca Privitelli (GWS)
2 Jessica Dal Pos (GWS)
2 Sam Virgo (GCFC)

AFLW Match Highlights: GWS v Gold Coast

04:19 Feb 8. 2020. 3:04 PM

GWS and Gold Coast clash in Round 1 of the AFLW

Melbourne v North Melbourne

10 Kate Hore (MELB)
5 Ashleigh Riddell (NMFC)
5 Emma Kearney (NMFC)
4 Karen Paxman (MELB)
4 Libby Birch (MELB)
1 Shelley Heath (MELB)
1 Tyla Hanks (MELB)

AFLW Match Highlights: Melbourne v North Melbourne

05:01 Feb 8. 2020. 5:13 PM

The Demons and Kangaroos clash in Round 1 of the AFLW

Brisbane v Adelaide

9 Anne Hatchard (ADEL)
9 Kate Lutkins (BL)
3 Lauren Arnell (BL)
3 Ally Anderson (BL)
2 Sophie Conway (BL)
2 Emma Zielke (BL)
2 Ebony Marinoff (ADEL)

AFLW Match Highlights: Brisbane v Adelaide

05:19 Feb 8. 2020. 7:15 PM

The Lions and Crows clash in Round 1 of the AFLW

Collingwood v West Coast

10 Jaimee Lambert (COLL)
7 Dana Hooker (WCE)
5 Emma Swanson (WCE)
3 Stephanie Chiocci (COLL)
3 Brittany Bonnici (COLL)
2 Stacey Livingstone (COLL)

AFLW Match Highlights: Collingwood v West Coast

05:34 Feb 9. 2020. 3:19 PM

The Magpies and the Eagles clash in Round 1 of the AFLW

St Kilda v Western Bulldogs

10 Ellie Blackburn (WB)
7 Kirsty Lamb (WB)
5 Georgia Patrikios (STK)
3 Naomi Ferres (WB)
2 Isabel Huntington (WB)
2 Lauren Spark (WB)
1 Molly McDonald (STK)

AFLW Match Highlights: St Kilda v Western Bulldogs

04:40 Feb 9. 2020. 5:16 PM

The Saints and Bulldogs clash in Round 1 of the AFLW

Fremantle v Geelong

9 Sabreena Duffy (FRE)
7 Kiara Bowers (FRE)
5 Hayley Miller (FRE)
5 Olivia Purcell (GEEL)
3 Gemma Houghton (FRE)
1 Julia Crockett-Grills (GEEL)

AFLW Match Highlights: Fremantle v Geelong

05:37 Feb 9. 2020. 7:19 PM

The Dockers and Cats clash in Round 1 of the AFLW


10. Ellie Blackburn (WB)
10. Kate Hore (MELB)
10. Jaimee Lambert (COLL)
10. Madison Prespakis (CARL)
9. Sabreena Duffy (FRE)
9. Anne Hatchard (ADEL)
9. Kate Lutkins (BL)
7. Kiara Bowers (FRE)
7. Dana Hooker (WCE)
7. Kirsty Lamb (WB)
7. Breann Moody (CARL)
7. Alyce Parker (GWS)
6. Alicia Eva (GWS)
6. Tayla Harris (CARL)
6. Jamie Stanton (GCFC)
5. Emma Kearney (NMFC)
5. Hayley Miller (FRE)
5. Georgia Patrikios (STK)