Suns tough nut rises above niggling tactics to outshine star Tiger

SHUT DOWN Katie Brennan and you'll stop the Tigers.

That was Gold Coast's coach David Lake's directive for hard-working midfielder Jamie Stanton during the week.

Stanton's main role might have been to limit the influence of Richmond's skipper, but the 24-year-old ended up with 20 disposals and a goal of her own as the Suns claimed their first-ever AFLW victory.

Stanton with her first AFLW goal

00:30 Feb 15. 2020. 5:22 PM

Gold Coast's Jamie Stanton gathers a bouncing ball and scores her first AFLW goal and the first goal of the game

"Obviously KB's a really good player and we identified if she got off the chain they'd have a good chance of winning," Stanton told following the game.

"We tried to go 'mid v mid' and match her around the ground.

"Whoever won the battle was probably going to get the end result."

AFLW Match Highlights: Gold Coast v Richmond

04:58 Feb 15. 2020. 7:08 PM

The Suns and Tigers clash in Round 2 of the AFLW

Stanton injured her left arm in a huge collision with Richmond's Courtney Wakefield in the second quarter, but the tough nut strapped up her shoulder and played out the game.

Brennan whacked Stanton's arm multiple times just before the start of the third quarter, but Stanton was never bothered by that tactic.

"I'm pretty calculated, that stuff doesn't really get to me," Stanton said.

"She's going to try and get every upper hand she can get.

"I can't have a go at her for that."

Stanton will get her shoulder examined during the week, but for the moment it’s a "bit sore but all good".

Crunching hit injures star Sun

00:42 Feb 15. 2020. 6:09 PM

Jamie Stanton leaves the field holding her arm after a courageous play near goal

Brennan finished with 14 disposals, but was thoroughly beaten by Stanton in the first three quarters when the Suns took over the game.

The Suns are the first expansion team to record a win in 2020, and they're hoping to make it two next week against cross-state rivals Brisbane.

Stanton started her career with the Lions and cannot wait to face them at Metricon Stadium next Saturday.

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"It's the first time I've been able to play a former side of mine," she said.

"It gives it a bit of spice because there's a lot of former Lions girls here. There will be a little bit of heat in it, but good heat."

Despite the feeling that will be in the game, don't expect to see too much trash talking from either side.

"We're out to win the points first and that stuff (trash talking) comes definitely second," Stanton said.