AFLCA votes: Perfect Pie makes it three in a row

COLLINGWOOD'S Jaimee Lambert has continued her perfect start to the season, notching a third consecutive maximum score in the AFLCA AFLW champion player of the year.

Lambert gathered 32 possessions, eight tackles and a goal against Fremantle securing five votes from each coach and propelling her to an eight-point lead over Jamie Stanton of Gold Coast with Adelaide's Ebony Marinoff one point further behind.

ROUND THREE POWER RANKINGS Crows are coming, Pies on the rise

Carlton's Maddie Prespakis and North Melbourne midfielder Ashleigh Riddell also gathered 10 votes for their performances in their sides' respective wins.

Maddy Prespakis is having a great season for Carlton. Picture: AFL Photos

Round three votes

St Kilda v Melbourne

7 Caitlin Greiser (STK)
5 Daisy Pearce (MELB)
5 Karen Paxman (MELB)
5 Kate McCarthy (STK)
4 Rhiannon Watt (STK)
2 Maddison Gay (MELB)
1 Tilly Lucas-Rodd (STK)
1 Rosie Dillon (STK)

AFLW Match Highlights: St Kilda v Melbourne

04:41 Feb 21. 2020. 9:36 PM

The Saints and Demons clash in Round 3 of the AFLW

Western Bulldogs v Carlton
10 Madison Prespakis (CARL)
8 Isabel Huntington (WB)
6 Georgia Gee (CARL)
3 Ellie Blackburn (WB)
3 Lucy McEvoy (CARL)

AFLW Match Highlights: Western Bulldogs v Carlton

06:37 Feb 22. 2020. 6:30 PM

The Bulldogs and Blues clash in Round 3 of the AFLW

Gold Coast v Brisbane
9 Kate Lutkins (BL)
7 Jamie Stanton (GCFC)
6 Kalinda Howarth (GCFC)
3 Sophie Conway (BL)
2 Hannah Dunn (GCFC)
2 Emily Bates (BL)
1 Breanna Koenen (BL)

AFLW Match Highlights: Gold Coast v Brisbane

06:16 Feb 22. 2020. 7:15 PM

The Suns and the Lions clash in Round 3 of the ALFW

Fremantle v Collingwood
10 Jaimee Lambert (COLL)
6 Brittany Bonnici (COLL)
4 Ashleigh Brazill (COLL)
4 Brianna Davey (COLL)
3 Hayley Miller (FRE)
2 Sharni Layton (COLL)
1 Chloe Molloy (COLL)

AFLW Match Highlights: Fremantle v Collingwood

04:51 Feb 22. 2020. 9:26 PM

The Dockers and Magpies clash in Round 3 of the AFLW

Greater Western Sydney v West Coast
8 Elle Bennetts (GWS)
8 Rebecca Privitelli (GWS)
8 Alyce Parker (GWS)
2 Chantella Perera (WCE)
2 Rebecca Beeson (GWS)
1 Brittany Tully (GWS)
1 Alicia Eva (GWS)

AFLW Match Highlights: GWS v West Coast

05:45 Feb 23. 2020. 3:19 PM

The Giants and Eagles clash in Round 3 of the AFLW

Richmond v North Melbourne
10 Ashleigh Riddell (NMFC)
7 Jasmine Garner (NMFC)
6 Emma Kearney (NMFC)
3 Kate Gillespie-Jones (NMFC)
2 Kaitlyn Ashmore (NMFC)
2 Jenna Bruton (NMFC)

AFLW Match Highlights: Richmond v North Melbourne

05:09 Feb 23. 2020. 5:16 PM

The Tigers and Kangaroos clash in Round 3 of the AFLW

Geelong v Adelaide
9 Danielle Ponter (ADEL)
9 Ebony Marinoff (ADEL)
6 Danielle Higgins (GEEL)
2 Anne Hatchard (ADEL)
2 Najwa Allen (ADEL)
1 Olivia Purcell (GEEL)
1 Maddy McMahon (GEEL)

AFLW Match Highlights: Geelong v Adelaide

05:11 Feb 23. 2020. 7:09 PM

The Cats and Crows clash in Round 3 of the AFLW


30. Jaimee Lambert (COLL)
22. Jamie Stanton (GCFC)
21. Ebony Marinoff (ADEL)
20. Madison Prespakis (CARL)
18. Kate Lutkins (BL)
17. Kiara Bowers (FRE)
17. Jasmine Garner (NMFC)
17. Ashleigh Riddell (NMFC)
16. Emma Kearney (NMFC)
15. Alyce Parker (GWS)
13. Ellie Blackburn (WB)
13. Sophie Conway (BL)
13. Anne Hatchard (ADEL)
13. Daisy Pearce (MELB)
12. Emily Bates (BL)
12. Karen Paxman (MELB)
11. Alicia Eva (GWS)
11. Rebecca Privitelli GWS
10. Jenna Bruton (NMFC)
10. Kate Hore (MELB)