Combine wrap-up: Three records broken on final day


A STRING of powerful performances in Queensland have capped off the state-based NAB AFLW Draft Combines, with three new records set. 

Versatile tall Maddison Levi broke the records for the running vertical jump (left foot) and the 20m sprint, breaking the three-second barrier in the process.

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Levi – who stands at 177cm – ran 20 metres in 2.990 seconds, breaking Emerson Woods' record of 3.129 seconds.

The third record was broken by forward Zimmorlei Farquharson, who completed the agility test in 8.170 seconds.

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Daisy D'Arcy (8.420) also topped Ruby Blair's record of 8.495 to finish second overall. 


(Victorians restricted to 2km time trial only)

Vertical jump

1. Julie-Anne Norrish (WA), 61cm – equal record
2. Kiara Beesley (NSW), 57cm
3. Jess Low (WA), 55cm
4. Indy Tahau (SA), 54cm
5. Mikayla Morrison (WA), 54cm

All-time record: Jess Allan (SA, now GWS), 61cm, 2017

Running vertical jump, right foot

1. Madison Goodwin (Qld), 73cm – second all-time
2. Jess Low (WA), 71cm – equal third all-time
3. Maddison Levi (Qld), 71cm – equal third all-time
4. Kiara Beesley (NSW), 65cm – equal fifth all-time
5. Ashleigh Woodland (SA), 64cm

All-time record: Jess Allan (SA, now GWS), 76cm, 2017

Running vertical jump, left foot

1. Maddison Levi (Qld), 75cm – new record
2. Madison Goodwin (Qld), 70cm – equal fifth all-time
3. Lucy Single (Qld), 69cm
4. Julie-Anne Norrish (WA), 66cm
5. Kiara Beesley (NSW), 65cm

Former record: Jess Allan (SA, now GWS), 72cm, 2017 

20m sprint

1. Maddison Levi (Qld), 2.990 seconds – new record
2. Zimmorlei Farquharson (Qld), 3.140 seconds – third all-time
3. Julie-Anne Norrish (WA), 3.167 seconds – fourth all-time
4. Mikayla Morrison (WA), 3.182 seconds – fifth all-time

Former record: Emerson Woods (Vic Metro), 3.129 seconds


1. Zimmorlei Farquharson (Qld), 8.17 seconds – new record
2. Daisy D'Arcy (Qld), 8.42 seconds – second all-time
3. Mikayla Morrison (WA), 8.54 seconds – fifth all-time
4. Maddison Levi (Qld), 8.56 seconds
5. Mikayla Hyde (WA), 8.66 seconds

Former record: Ruby Blair (Queensland), 8.495 seconds

2km time trial

1. Tarni Evans (NSW), 7:14 – second all-time
2. Lucy Single (Qld), 7:25 – third all-time
3. Jess Low (WA), 7:28 – fourth all-time
4. Mikayla Hyde (WA), 7:29
5. Kiara Beesley (NSW), 7:45

All-time record: Nina Morrison (Vic Country, now Geelong) 7:14

Victorian 2km time trial on Strava app (run on own under varying conditions due to COVID-19 restrictions, times unofficial)

1. Eliza McNamara (Sandringham Dragons), 6:59
2. Winnie Laing (Sandringham Dragons), 7:27
3. Mimi Hill (Oakleigh Chargers), 7:30
4. Daisy Walker (Sandringham Dragons), 7:38
5. Alice O'Loughlin (Oakleigh Chargers), 7:46

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