A numbers game: Your club's jumper owners for 2021

WHO HAS taken on a new jumper at your club in season 2021?

INS, OUTS, TRADES, DRAFTEES, ROOKIES Every club's complete list for 2021

This piece will be updated as each team announces its jumper numbers.

Surprise! AFLW club greats present draftees with their new jumpers

04:19 Oct 6. 2020. 9:21 PM

Non-Victorian recruits get to meet their new teammates

Adelaide Crows


Brisbane Lions

Recruit Taylor Smith has inverted the No.13 she wore at Gold Coast, picking up the No.31 at the Lions.

Ruby Svarc will be only a few lockers away from sister Cathy, wearing No.29, while speedy pair Courtney Hodder and Zimmie Farquharson have taken numbers 21 and 22 respectively. 

Players in bold are new

1. Emily Bates, 2. Jordan Zanchetta, 3. Breanna Koenen, 4. Sharni Webb, 5. Jade Ellenger, 6. Lily Postlethwaite, 7. Gabby Collingwood (inactive), 8. Emma Zielke, 9. Orla O'Dwyer, 10. Natalie Grider, 11. Rheanne Lugg, 12. Sophie Conway, 13. Kate Lutkins, 14. Dakota Davidson, 15. Greta Bodey, 16. Lauren Arnell, 17. Isabelle Dawes, 18. Ally Anderson, 19. Selina Priest, 20. Shannon Campbell, 21. Courtney Hodder, 22. Zimmorlei Farquharson, 23. Jessica Wuetschner, 24. Tahlia Hickie, 25. Catherine Svarc, 26. Indy Tahau, 27. Jessy Keeffe, 28. Maria Moloney, 29. Ruby Svarc, 30. Jesse Wardlaw, 31. Taylor Smith.

AFLW Match Highlights: Carlton v Brisbane

05:20 Mar 22. 2020. 3:12 PM

The Blues and Lions clash in the Semi Finals


Star recruit Elise O'Dea has made a creative choice with her new jumper number, taking the numbers either side of her previous No.5 at Melbourne to arrive at No.46.

Carlton's first draft pick, Mimi Hill has taken on Sarah Hosking's No.10, while fellow draftees Daisy Walker and Winnie Laing will be locker-mates with numbers 23 and 24 respectively.

Players in bold are new

1. Grace Egan, 2. Katie Loynes, 3. Darcy Vescio, 4. Madison Prespakis, 5. Abbie McKay, 6. Gab Pound, 7. Tayla Harris, 8. Vaomua Laloifi, 9. Kerryn Harrington, 10. Mimi Hill, 11. Jess Hosking, 12. Lauren Brazzale, 13. Lucy McEvoy, 14. Brooke Walker, 15. Chloe Dalton, 16. Breann Moody, 17. Charlotte Hammans, 18. Maddy Guerin, 19. Georgia Gee, 20. Charlotte Wilson, 21. Nicola Stevens, 22. Courtney Jones, 23. Daisy Walker, 24. Winnie Laing, 25. Jess Edwards, 30. Alison Downie, 31. Brooke Vernon, 32. Nat Plane, 33. Serena Gibbs, 46. Elise O'Dea

O-Happy-Dea, Elise becomes a Blue

00:52 Aug 6. 2020. 5:11 PM

Elise O'Dea joins Carlton in huge loss for Melbourne


The club's first father-daughter recruit, Tarni Brown, will wear the same number as her dad Gavin, No.26.

The Magpies will still have a forward presence in the No.4, with former Roo Abbey Green taking on Sarah D'Arcy's jumper.

Aleisha Newman will carry her No.16 across from Melbourne, with Katie Lynch having moved to the Dogs, while No.11 will be worn by a cross-sport rookie for a third time, with Imogen Purcell taking over from Eliza Hynes and Helen Roden.

Players in bold are new

1. Sharni Layton, 2. Chloe Molloy, 3. Brianna Davey, 4. Abbey Green, 5. Amelia Velardo, 6. Jordyn Allen, 7. Sarah Rowe, 8. Brittany Bonnici, 9. Alana Porter, 10. Ash Brazill, 11. Imogen Purcell, 12. Stacey Livingstone, 13. Jaimee Lambert, 14. Aishling Sheridan, 15. Erica Fowler, 16. Aleisha Newman, 17. Steph Chiocci, 18. Ruby Schleicher, 19. Bella Smith, 20. Joanna Lin, 21. Jordan Membrey, 22. Sophie Casey, 23. Lauren Butler, 24. Sophie Alexander, 25. Mikala Cann, 26. Tarni Brown, 35. Maddie Shevlin, 40. Abbi Moloney, 41. Kristy Stratton, 50. Ebony O’Dea 

Demon flyer becomes a Magpie

00:51 Aug 5. 2020. 2:23 PM

Aliesha Newman traded to Collingwood


Integral defender Ange Stannett has taken the opportunity to change numbers, moving from No.24 to No.4, with former West Coast forward Tarnee Tester then slotting into the created vacancy.

The club's first draft pick, Sarah Verrier, is picking up new Eagles recruit Tayla Bresland's No.5, while returning Docker Tiah Haynes has slotted into No.33, with her previous No.6 occupied by Sabreena Duffy.

Players in bold are new or have changed numbers 

1. Ashley Sharp, 2. Kiara Bowers, 3. Emma O'Driscoll, 4. Ange Stannett (formerly 24), 5. Sarah Verrier, 6. Sabreena Duffy, 7. Jasmin Stewart, 8. Evie Gooch, 9. Alex Williams, 10. Aine Tighe, 11. Mikayla Morrison, 12. Ebony Antonio, 13. Katie-Jayne Grieve, 14. Leah Mascall, 15. Kara Antonio, 16. Maggie MacLachlan, 17. Roxy Roux, 18. Philipa Seth, 19. Hayley Miller, 20. Stephanie Cain, 21. Mim Strom, 22. Gabby O'Sullivan, 23. Matilda Sergeant,24. Tarnee Tester, 25. Ann McMahon, 26. Bianca Webb, 27. Gemma Houghton, 29. Janelle Cuthberston, 32. Laura Pugh, 33. Tiah Haynes

AFLW: Haynes hurt in sling tackle

Feb 18. 2017. 1:30 PM

Fremantle's Tiah Haynes leaves the field after a heavy tackle

Geelong Cats


Gold Coast Suns

Sarah Perkins will be reunited with the No.28 she wore over her three seasons at Adelaide, while former Saint Ali Drennan will move from No.8 to No.33 at her new club.

As Jasmyn Hewett is sitting out the 2021 season due to work commitments, Daisy D'Arcy will take on her No.10 jumper.

The Suns' first draft pick, Annise Bradfield, will take on the No.10, while Maddison Levi has slotted into now-Blue Charlotte Hammans' No.6.

Players in bold are new

1. Paige Parker, 2. Lauren Bella, 3. Tori Groves-Little, 4. Jordann Hickey, 5. Jacqui Yorston, 6. Maddison Levi, 7. Lauren Ahrens, 8. Sally Riley, 9. Emma Pittman, 10. Annise Bradfield, 11. Leah Kaslar, 12. Molly Ritson, 13. Lucy Single, 14. Serene Watson, 15. Wallis Randell, 16. Britt Perry, 17. Jamie Stanton, 18. Janet Baird, 20. Daisy D'Arcy, 21. Ellie Hampson, 22. Sam Virgo, 23. Kalinda Howarth, 24. Hannah Dunn, 25. Dee Heslop, 26. Kate Surman, 28. Sarah Perkins, 29. Cheyenne Hammond, 30. Bess Keaney, 33. Ali Drennan, 42. Jade Pregelj

We love a celebration that goes a bit wrong

00:34 Feb 11. 2019. 10:39 AM

Adelaide's Sarah Perkins goes all out celebrating a big goal against the Blues

GWS Giants



There have been two guernsey number changes at Melbourne, with Tyla Hanks taking on Elise O'Dea's No.5, and Shae Sloane slotting into Bianca Jakobsson's No.7.

Mietta Kendell has taken fellow Blackburn footy club alumni Katherine Smith's No.13, while a much taller forward in Alyssa Bannan will take small Aliesha Newman's No.16.

Players in bold are new or have changed numbers

1. Tegan Cunningham, 2. Meg Downie, 3. Maddison Gay, 4. Karen Paxman, 5. Tyla Hanks, 6. Daisy Pearce, 7. Shae Sloane, 8. Sarah Lampard, 9. Libby Birch, 10. Kate Hore, 11. Chantel Emonson, 12. Shelley Scott, 13. Mietta Kendell, 14. Lily Mithen, 15. Lauren Pearce, 16. Alyssa Bannan, 17. Niamh McEvoy, 18. Casey Sherriff, 19. Jacqueline Parry, 20. Brenna Tarrant, 21. Maggie Caris, 22. Eliza McNamara, 23. Sinead Goldrick, 24. Megan Fitzsimon, 25. Isabella Simmons, 26. Lauren Magee, 29. Eden Zanker, 30. Shelley Heath, 31. Krstel Petrevski, 32. Gabby Colvin

North Melbourne

No Kangaroo players have changed numbers, while recruit Grace Campbell will don the same No.43 she did at Richmond.

Father-daughter selection Amy Smith will wear 15 on her back.

The club's first two draft selections Bella Eddey and Alice O'Loughlin have taken numbers 3 and 6, previously worn by Taylor Mesiti and Emma Humphries respectively.

Players in bold are new 

1. Sophie Abbatangelo, 2. Daria Bannister, 3. Bella Eddey, 4. Elisha King, 5. Kate Gillespie-Jones, 6. Alice O'Loughlin, 7. Ash Riddell, 8. Aileen Gilroy, 9. Emma Kearney, 10. Kaitlyn Ashmore, 11. Daisy Bateman, 12. Nicole Bresnehan, 15. Amy Smith, 16. Tahlia Randall, 17. Sarah Wright, 18. Brittany Gibson, 19. Jasmine Grierson, 20. Beth Lynch, 22. Ellie Gavalas, 23. Mia King, 24. Tahni Nestor, 25. Jasmine Garner, 27. Jess Duffin, 31. Danielle Hardiman, 35. Jenna Bruton, 36. Brooke Brown, 39. Vivien Saad, 43. Grace Campbell, 44. Georgia Hammond, 60. Emma King

AFLW Match Highlights: North Melbourne v Collingwood

05:03 Mar 21. 2020. 2:33 PM

The Kangaroos and Magpies clash in a semi-final of the AFLW


Big recruit Sarah Hosking has taken on the retired Lauren Tesoriero's No.7 jumper, with lifelong Tiger fan and former Pie Sarah D'Arcy picking up the club's prized No.12.

Pick number one draftee Ellie McKenzie will line up in No.22, while with her old No.21 already taken, ex-Dee Harriet Cordner will wear No.23.

Players in bold are new

1. Sophie Molan, 2. Phoebe Monahan, 3. Katie Brennan, 4. Monique Conti, 5. Maddy Brancatisano, 6. Christina Bernardi, 7. Sarah Hosking, 8. Courtney Wakefield, 9. Hannah Burchell, 10. Kodi Jacques, 11. Alice Edmonds, 12. Sarah D'Arcy, 13. Alana Woodward, 14. Sabrina Frederick, 15. Rebecca Miller, 16. Laura McClelland, 17. Sarah Dargan, 18. Sarah Sansonetti, 19. Kate Dempsey, 20. Holly Whitford, 21. Iilish Ross, 22. Ellie McKenzie, 23. Harriet Cordner, 24. Tayla Stahl, 25. Cleo Saxon-Jones, 26. Luka Lesosky-Hay, 27. Emily Harley, 28. Gabby Seymour, 34. Akec Makur Chuot, 37. Tessa Lavey

St Kilda


West Coast Eagles


Western Bulldogs

Having worn No.16 at Collingwood, new recruit Katie Lynch has picked up the retired Nicole Callinan's No.10 at the Bulldogs.

The club's first draft pick in 2020, Jess Fitzgerald, has slotted into Aisling Utri's No.23, while fellow draftee Sarah Hartwig takes now-Eagle Aisling McCarthy's No.15.

Players in bold are new

1. Brooke Lochland, 2. Ellie Blackburn, 3. Isabella Grant, 4. Isabel Huntington, 5. Gabby Newton, 6. Kirsten McLeod, 7. Deanna Berry, 8. Bonnie Toogood, 9. Eleanor Brown, 10. Katie Lynch, 11. Lauren Spark, 12. Gemma Lagioia, 13. Celine Moody, 14. Ellyse Gamble, 15. Sarah Hartwig, 16. Naomi Ferres, 17. Elisabeth Georgostathis18. Britney Gutknecht19. Ashleigh Guest, 20. Isabelle Pritchard, 21. Bailey Hunt, 22. Hannah Scott, 23. Jess Fitzgerald, 24. Kim Rennie, 25. Nell Morris-Dalton26. Danielle Marshall, 27. Kirsty Lamb, 28. Amelia Van Oosterwijck31. Katy Herron, 36. Angelica Gogos

Draft Prospect: Jess Fitzgerald

00:39 Sep 2. 2020. 2:34 PM

Northern Knights midfielder one to watch