A numbers game: Your club's jumper owners for 2021

BRISBANE and North Melbourne haven't wasted any time in getting their new players kitted up, allocating jumper numbers for the 2021 season only a few weeks after the NAB AFLW Draft.

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This piece will be updated as each team announces its jumper numbers.

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04:19 Oct 6. 2020. 9:21 PM

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Brisbane Lions

Recruit Taylor Smith has inverted the No.13 she wore at Gold Coast, picking up the No.31 at the Lions.

Ruby Svarc will be only a few lockers away from sister Cathy, wearing No.29, while speedy pair Courtney Hodder and Zimmie Farquharson have taken numbers 21 and 22 respectively. 

Players in bold are new

1. Emily Bates, 2. Jordan Zanchetta, 3. Breanna Koenen, 4. Sharni Webb, 5. Jade Ellenger, 6. Lily Postlethwaite, 7. Gabby Collingwood (inactive), 8. Emma Zielke, 9. Orla O'Dwyer, 10. Natalie Grider, 11. Rheanne Lugg, 12. Sophie Conway, 13. Kate Lutkins, 14. Dakota Davidson, 15. Greta Bodey, 16. Lauren Arnell, 17. Isabelle Dawes, 18. Ally Anderson, 19. Selina Priest, 20. Shannon Campbell, 21. Courtney Hodder, 22. Zimmorlei Farquharson, 23. Jessica Wuetschner, 24. Tahlia Hickie, 25. Catherine Svarc, 26. Indy Tahau, 27. Jessy Keeffe, 28. Maria Moloney, 29. Ruby Svarc, 30. Jesse Wardlaw, 31. Taylor Smith.

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05:20 Mar 22. 2020. 3:12 PM

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North Melbourne

No Kangaroo players have changed numbers, while recruit Grace Campbell will don the same No.43 she did at Richmond.

Father-daughter selection Amy Smith will wear 15 on her back.

The club's first two draft selections Bella Eddey and Alice O'Loughlin have taken numbers 3 and 6, previously worn by Taylor Mesiti and Emma Humphries respectively.

Players in bold are new 

1. Sophie Abbatangelo, 2. Daria Bannister, 3. Bella Eddey, 4. Elisha King, 5. Kate Gillespie-Jones, 6. Alice O'Loughlin, 7. Ash Riddell, 8. Aileen Gilroy, 9. Emma Kearney, 10. Kaitlyn Ashmore, 11. Daisy Bateman, 12. Nicole Bresnehan, 15. Amy Smith, 16. Tahlia Randall, 17. Sarah Wright, 18. Brittany Gibson, 19. Jasmine Grierson, 20. Beth Lynch, 22. Ellie Gavalas, 23. Mia King, 24. Tahni Nestor, 25. Jasmine Garner, 27. Jess Duffin, 31. Danielle Hardiman, 35. Jenna Bruton, 36. Brooke Brown, 39. Vivien Saad, 43. Grace Campbell, 44. Georgia Hammond, 60. Emma King

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05:03 Mar 21. 2020. 2:33 PM

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