10 questions with … Cat Julia Crockett-Grills

What's your nickname? 

There's generally 'Crock', 'Jules', 'Joot', 'Julie', 'Gill', 'Jacko'. I think 'Gill' came from a spelling mistake of 'Grills' in a media article somewhere, but I usually go by 'Crock'.  

Whose number did you wear on your back as a kid/who was your favourite player? 

I grew up playing a lot of cricket and I usually batted at six or seven and I reckon that's why I've ended up with No.6 on my back. As for footy, I used to like Scott Lucas from Essendon being from Camperdown where I was born. 

Lucky bounce sees Cat pounce

00:36 Mar 13. 2020. 10:02 PM

A bizarre bounce on the goal line allows Julia Crockett-Grills to snap beautifully

What hobbies did you pick up during isolation/lockdown? 

I planted a herb garden and then learnt how to cook with the herbs … I'm in an apartment block so it's out on the balcony. I've got a bit of basil, mint, parsley, coriander going. I'd like to say that I built the garden bed, but I did buy it and I just put in some nice soil and planted them myself. 

What's your most-used phone app, excluding social media? 

It'd be a toss-up between Spotify and the NFL app, I'm right into the American Football. I just love watching sport, so I get into the basketball or the NFL and I'm a big Seattle Seahawks fan. 

Which teammate would go far in MasterChef

Becky Webster has been claiming she can cook a mean snag on her new Weber (BBQ). She was raving about her the deck and the new place she's moved into being the perfect spot for a BBQ, so I think that's how that's all came about. 

If you could be any AFLW player for a day, who would you be and why? 

Probably (Geelong defender) Bec Goring, she's a bit of a 'muso'. She's played quite a few gigs at festivals and on Triple J so that'd be pretty cool. Being on radio and having the chance to be the supporting act for a few headliners would be a nice gig. 

Worst teammate on social media? 

Probably (ruck) Aasta (O'Connor), there's a lot of spam of her beagle, she only posts pictures of her dog and there's probably a bit too much. 

Which songs are on your pre-game playlist? 

I'll be probably listening to something off the famous 'Crock and Rock' playlist, (Cats teammate) Rocky (Cranston) and I put it together. Some people like it, some others don't. Sometimes we play it pre-game (to the group) but it gets played in the gym a bit more. Might be something from Purple Disco Machine and maybe some Lovebirds (by In The Shadows). We like to go for something dancey. 

Who is the coach's pet and why? 

I'd have to go with Liv Purcell, she loves a few extra craft (skill) sessions but that would explain why she's so good. 

What's one thing most people wouldn't know about you? 

It might be a bit left of centre but I had my ears pinned, or stitched to my head when I was a kid because they stuck it when I was probably in grade two.