Surprising position change on the cards for gun Blue

THINGS are set to be a little different for Jess Hosking in 2021.

Not only will she encounter her first AFLW season without twin sister Sarah, who moved from Carlton to Richmond during last season's Trade Period, but she will do so in a completely new position.

Having performed a pivotal role across half-back last year, Hosking has now been asked to play forward this season in a move that the Blues hope will enable Georgia Gee and Darcy Vescio to shift into the midfield on a more regular basis.

The change in position came as such a surprise to Hosking, who has also played as an inside midfielder and on the wing throughout her 21-game Carlton career, that it took her a fortnight to realise it was even happening.

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"I didn't know about it until I was back at pre-season training," Hosking told

"We got split into our groups and it took maybe two weeks for me to realise that I was actually with the forwards and not with the backs.

"It's a new position and I haven't played forward before, but I'm really excited for it. I'm open to any ideas and anything that's going to help the team out. If it's better for me to go up forward, I'm more than happy to do it.

"I'm enjoying it and it's keeping me on my toes, learning all of this new stuff. At least I don’t have to worry about my opponent, they have to worry about me."

The Hosking twins had become synonymous with Carlton after both were recruited to the club's AFLW team as foundation players. However, the pair were split up last August when Sarah was traded to Richmond.

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While Hosking admits she misses the fun involved in playing with her sister, the move has at least allowed her to confirm some suspicions that had long been suggested about Sarah's habit of pinching her clothes.

"I used to get in trouble last year for my training kit," Hosking said.

"If I was wearing the shorts from the year before with the old sponsors, I'd get in trouble for it. I kept saying it was Sarah who was stealing my clothes. I've now realised that I was 100 percent correct on that.

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"I haven't had one training session where I've been able to find my shorts or my singlet, but I eventually found all of my gear and it was all in Sarah's boxes downstairs.

"There's positives and negatives to her leaving. My situation hasn't really changed, but for her it's a new environment. It's a bit different. We'll realise how different it is once we're playing against each other."

And when Carlton and Richmond ultimately renew old hostilities next, you can take it to the bank that there will be plenty more fun and entertainment taking place between the two siblings once again.

"It'll provide some entertainment for all of the spectators I reckon," Hosking said.

"We're guaranteed to do a few sneaky things to each other."