10 questions with ... Tiger Phoebe Monahan

What's your nickname? 

Really simple, just 'Phoebs'. Nothing flashy or fancy. A couple of the girls sometimes call me 'big girl', but that's more of a gym name. I try to take it as a muscle form of 'big', not an isolation form of 'big'.

Whose number did you wear on your back as a kid/who was your favourite player? 

Probably Luke Hodge and 'Buddy' Franklin were my favourites growing up. I think I had Hodgey's No.15 when I was playing juniors. Being a backline player, I've looked up to Hodge as 'the general'. I've changed my playing number a few times between two and three, and I'm back to two now at Richmond, which was his number at Brisbane.

What hobbies did you pick up during isolation/lockdown? 

I was pretty lucky to still work full-time (as a carpenter), so I didn't necessarily take up any new hobbies. But I did adopt a couple of kittens, Poppy and Mags, so they kept me busy. I originally wanted to get one, but a few weeks later her sister was found at the same place, so I went back and got the pair.

What's your most-used phone app, excluding social media? 

Probably Spotify, but I gave Domain a pretty hot run over the past few months when I was looking to buy a place. I secured a property in Belgrave, work's out there and it's a nice area, so I'm off it now, but the last few months I was on it every day.

Which teammate would go far in MasterChef

It's easier to name people who wouldn't, a lot of the younger girls have cereal and toast as their go-to meals. Maybe 'Hosko' (Sarah Hosking). It's a stab in the dark, but she has a big bag of tricks, and maybe cooking is one of them.

If you could be any AFLW player for a day, who would you be and why? 

This is a really tough one, because I can't envision myself saying I would want to be someone else. I know that might sound cheesy. It would be cool to school a few people in basketball if you were Mon Conti for a day. Gab Seymour and Kate Dempsey (pictured below) both got super-high ATARs, like 99, so it'd be interesting to see a different perspective with all that knowledge in my head.

Worst teammate on social media? 

Gabby Seymour, only because she is basically non-existent on social media. Although I don't think that's a bad thing to not be super-active on it.

Which songs are on your pre-game playlist? 

Bit of a mix, probably a lot of rap and RnB, but then it also jumps to a bit of hardcore pump-up songs, like Parkway Drive, to get me fired up. But I definitely have to listen to my music on my headphones because I'm 100 per cent sure no one else would like it.

Who is the coach's pet and why? 

It's a bit hard when we've only had [Ryan Ferguson] for five or six weeks. There's not a real coach's pet, but maybe Kodi (Jacques), 'KB' (Katie Brennan) and 'Benno' (Christina Bernardi), they're a little bit of coach's pets.

What's one thing most people wouldn't know about you? 

When I was little, I wanted to be an orca trainer at Sea World in the US, it was definitely inspired by Free Willy. But I definitely wouldn't want to do that now because I don't like those animals being in captivity. I'm a carpenter now, so a bit of a career change from when I was five.