'Grossly disproportionate': Crows appeal Marinoff ban

ADELAIDE has decided to appeal the AFL Tribunal's decision to suspend gun midfielder Ebony Marinoff.

On Tuesday night, Marinoff was suspended for three matches for the tackle which resulted in a broken C7 vertebra for Giant Brid Stack.

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It is the longest suspension in the four-and-a-bit seasons of the AFLW, with no player having been banned for more than two matches.

Irish Giant goes down after collision with Crow

00:22 Jan 19. 2021. 5:35 PM

GWS recruit Brid Stack is injured in an attempted tackle by Adelaide's Ebony Marinoff

The club is contesting the Tribunal's decision on the grounds of the decision being unreasonable and that the sanction imposed was excessive.

The appeal hearing will be held at 5pm AEDT on Thursday. 

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"We are appealing this decision because we all feel that the suspension is grossly disproportionate for the action," Crows head of women's football Phil Harper said.

"We need to support our player in this instance as we feel Ebony acted in an appropriate manner given the circumstances of this incident.

"We also feel for the Giants and Brid in particular and wish her all the best for what is hopefully a speedy recovery."

Giant Cora Staunton (second from left) comforts Brid Stack as she is treated after her injury against Adelaide. Picture: Getty Images/AFL Photos

As the Crows prepare for the appeal, Stack has released her first public statement since the frightening incident, tweeting that she is "counting her blessings" despite being ruled out of the AFLW season. 

Stack also thanked the medical staff in Adelaide and the support of the Giants as she looked forward to her recovery from her neck fracture. 

Meanwhile, Crows coach Matthew Clarke said the club needed to appeal to support Marinoff in what he believes was a football incident.

"Ebony plays the game in the manner we want all players to play and in my opinion, she made every effort to minimise the impact of what was an unavoidable footy collision," Clarke said.

"With regard to the penalty, as coaches and administrators we have a duty of care to our players and Ebony and all other AFLW players train incredibly hard for nine months for the opportunity to play just nine games.

"We feel it is unjust and disproportionate to have one third of those games taken away by what I believe to be an unavoidable incident.

"We believe it’s important to not only support our players, but to question an outcome which we see as placing an unreasonable expectation on all players to avoid contact in circumstances where the ball is in dispute."

If the appeal is unsuccessful, Marinoff doesn’t risk adding more games to her suspension however there will be a financial cost to the club.