'There's still hope': Postponed R2 games could still go ahead

THE AFL is still holding out hope the two postponed NAB AFL Women's matches will still be played this weekend.

The Adelaide-Fremantle and GWS-West Coast matches scheduled in round two were postponed as a result of Perth's COVID-19 five-day lockdown, which ends on Friday evening.

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All clubs are now back in their home state, but under varying levels of lockdown, as dictated by their respective State Governments.

Fremantle and West Coast players are allowed one hour of exercise per day with a teammate, GWS players and staff are self-isolating in Sydney until Friday evening while the Adelaide squad has begun two weeks of quarantine.

"It does show the environment we're working in within 2021, where in five hours there's changes to our situation," AFL head of women's footy Nicole Livingstone said, speaking at the launch of Pride Round on Tuesday morning.

"Those two matches that are TBC at the moment, we're keeping in touch with the clubs and also taking advice from the government authorities in NSW, SA and WA. We're hoping we'll have some more information in the next couple of days.

"What I will say is we've got an organisation that dealt with this for 10 months last year in delivering the AFL competition, so we can learn from everything that took place last year and lean on the expertise that's in place within that organisation.

"Talking to the players and the clubs as well, I want to give them the assurance that we're working on it and we have the expertise in place.

"We want to get those all games away, whether or not they get away this weekend, we're working hard to try and do that.

"There is still hope we can play those games in the round two framework, again, we're working with authorities on that and trying to get advice on what we can and can't do."

Livingstone said the affected clubs had been able to get exercise programs and equipment to their players' houses.

There is the outside chance of the games being played off a shorter turnaround (i.e. midweek) to catch up, but the semi-professional nature of the competition and the players' work commitments make that difficult.


"There's scope to be able to play catch-up, we saw that in the men's season," Livingstone said.

"I think if we need to play catch-up, we will work with the clubs to make sure that player health and wellbeing is paramount to what we do.

"We've got a group of players who are wanting to play footy, they don't want to miss out, so it's our intention to get all games away. We just need to do it in a way that's safe for the players, the clubs and the wider community as well."

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Livingstone said there is not a hard deadline to decide whether the two postponed matches will be played this weekend.

"Not so much a deadline, just as long as we continue to communicate with the clubs, we're meeting daily with them and the AFLPA, we're seeking advice daily from authorities, so as long as we keep up to date, and everyone's aware with where we're at, I think we're okay," she said.

"Again, our commitment is to get the season away and the premier crowned. We want to get these matches away, the two that are outstanding, and we're working hard to be able to do that."

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