TEAMS: Crows, Giants swing massive changes

ADELAIDE has dropped premiership ruck Rhiannon Metcalfe for its clash against Melbourne, one of four changes made by the Crows.

Eloise Jones (shoulder) is back after one week on the sidelines, with the mobile Caitlin Gould given an opportunity to tackle the equally agile Lauren Pearce in Metcalfe's stead.

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Chelsea Biddle has been recalled from the SANFLW and Hannah Munyard (calf) is back on deck, with Ailish Considine (omitted), Nikki Gore (ankle) and Hannah Button (shoulder) out.

By contrast, the Demons have made just the one change, omitting Chantel Emonson for Sinead Goldrick, who missed last week with hamstring tightness.

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The revolving door at GWS has continued, with talls Bec Privitelli, Lou Stephenson and Tarni Evans recalled after a week on the sidelines.

Jodie Hicks is in for her first game since round two, while Nicola Barr (finger), Aimee Schmidt (ankle), Taylah Davies and Lisa Steane (dropped) make way.

The Giants will be coming up against St Kilda, who have made four changes of their own.

Molly McDonald (quad) and Jacqui Vogt (broken pinkie) come back into the side, as does father-daughter signing Alice Burke and ruck Poppy Kelly for her first game this season.

The speedy Nat Exon is out with a shoulder knock, while three players – Nadia von Bertouch, Claudia Whitfort and Ali Brown – have been omitted.

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The Western Bulldogs have recalled two young midfielders in their quest to tackle the might of North Melbourne, with Gemma Lagioia and Britney Gutknecht recalled after several weeks in the VFLW.

Ruck Kim Rennie has failed to recover from her ankle complaint in time, while Bailey Hunt has been dropped.

North Melbourne ruck Vivien Saad will return from her one-match suspension in place of last week's debutant Georgia Hammond.

Saturday, March 13

St Kilda v Greater Western Sydney at RSEA Park, 3.10pm AEDT


B: T.Lucas-Rodd 18 B.Jakobsson 8  
HB: J.Van Dyk 36 C.Phillips 35 T.White 29
C: M.McDonald 1 H.Priest 14 T.Meyer 34
HF: D.Guttridge 5 I.Shannon 11 C.Greiser 17
F: K.McCarthy 9 K.Shierlaw 12
Foll: P.Kelly 16 G.Patrikios 21 T.Smith 6
I/C: T.Luke 22 A.Burke 3 R.Watt - C 7 R.Dillon 25 J.Vogt 10  

Emerg: C.Whitfort 4 R.Saulitis 13

In: M.McDonald, P.Kelly, A.Burke, J.Vogt
Out: A.Brown (omitted), N.von Bertouch (omitted), C.Whitfort (omitted), N.Exon (shoulder)


B: P.Randall 21 A.Lister 14  
HB: G.Garnett 17 L.Graham 37 J.Dal Pos 7
C: E.Bennetts 22 B.Tully 36 A.Eva - C 2
HF: R.Privitelli 19 K.Smith 4 C.Staunton 13
F: H.Zreika 24 T.Mackrill 32
Foll: E.McKinnon 23 A.Parker 3 R.Beeson 6
I/C: L.Stephenson 12 J.Allan 39 E.Goodsir 1 J.Hicks 5 T.Evans 18  

Emerg: L.Steane 20 S.Halvorsen 30

In: R.Privitelli, L.Stephenson, J.Hicks, T.Evans
Out: L.Steane (omitted), T.Davies (omitted), A.Schmidt (ankle), N.Barr (finger)

North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs at North Hobart Oval, 5.10pm AEDT 


B: D.Hardiman 31 J.Duffin 27  
HB: N.Bresnehan 12 T.Randall 16 A.Gilroy 8
C: K.Ashmore 10 E.Kearney - C 9 J.Bruton 35
HF: D.Bateman 11 G.Campbell 43 S.Abbatangelo 1
F: K.Gillespie-Jones 5 D.Bannister 2
Foll: E.King 60 J.Garner 25 A.Riddell 7
I/C: I.Eddey 3 J.Grierson 19 E.Gavalas 22 M.King 23 V.Saad 39  

Emerg: S.Wright 17 G.Hammond 44 

In: V.Saad
Out: G.Hammond (omitted)


B: N.Ferres 16 E.Gamble 14  
HB: A.Guest 19 K.Lynch 10 E.Brown 9
C: S.Hartwig 15 E.Blackburn - C 2 G.Lagioia 12
HF: G.Newton 5 I.Huntington 4 B.Lochland 1
F: B.Toogood 8 K.McLeod 6
Foll: C.Moody 13 J.Fitzgerald 23 K.Lamb 27
I/C: D.Marshall 26 E.Georgostathis 17 H.Scott 22 I.Pritchard 20 B.Gutknecht 18  

Emerg: B.Hunt 21 N.Morris-Dalton 25 

In: G.Lagioia, B.Gutknecht
Out: B.Hunt (omitted), K.Rennie (ankle)

Melbourne v Adelaide at Casey Fields, 7.10pm AEDT 


B: G.Colvin 32 L.Birch 9  
HB: S.Heath 30 S.Lampard 8 S.Goldrick 23
C: C.Sherriff 18 E.Zanker 29 E.McNamara 22
HF: J.Parry 19 K.Hore 10 S.Scott 12
F: M.Gay 3 D.Pearce - C 6
Foll: L.Pearce 15 K.Paxman 4 T.Hanks 5
I/C: L.Magee 26 B.Tarrant 20 L.Mithen 14 T.Cunningham 1 A.Bannan 16  

Emerg: C.Emonson 11 N.McEvoy 17 

In: S.Goldrick
Out: C.Emonson (omitted)


B: N.Allen 8 S.Allan 39  
HB: A.Foley 3 C.Randall - C 26 L.Whiteley 22
C: J.Mules 23 A.Hatchard 33 E.Jones 2
HF: S.Thompson 14 A.Woodland 24 R.Martin 5
F: C.Scheer 4 D.Ponter 15
Foll: C.Gould 1 E.Phillips 13 E.Marinoff 10
I/C: M.Rajcic 32 D.Varnhagen 9 T.Charlton 25 C.Biddell 12 H.Munyard 20  

Emerg: A.Considine 16 J.Sedunary 19 

In: E.Jones, C.Gould, C.Biddell, H.Munyard
Out: R.Metcalfe (omitted), A.Considine (omitted), N.Gore (ankle), H.Button (shoulder)

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