TEAMS: Pies dump speedster, Pearce replacement revealed

THE INJURY-HIT Collingwood has opted to bring in Maddie Shevlin for its qualifying final against North Melbourne as cover for the concussed Sophie Casey.

Shevlin has predominantly played forward in her AFLW career, but has the capacity to line up in defence.

The Pies have also swung a selection surprise, axing small forward Aliesha Newman and recalling Kristy Stratton for just her second game of the year.

Casey is the third first-choice defender to be sidelined, with Lauren Butler (hamstring) and Jordy Allen (foot) out for the year.

The W Show: Daisy reveals injury latest, the mark that's 'our Jesaulenko'

16:04 Apr 1. 2021. 1:31 PM

Nat Edwards and Daisy Pearce discuss the latter's knee concerns and preview finals action this weekend

North Melbourne has made one change of its own, regaining tough midfielder Jenna Bruton from suspension while Mia King will miss with a hamstring injury.

Chantel Emonson has the unenviable task of replacing injured Melbourne skipper Daisy Pearce.

Emonson was a first-choice player for the past two seasons, but has been running around for Casey for the past three weeks.

The Dees have opted not to bring in Irish forward Niamh McEvoy, despite Pearce having been playing in attack in recent weeks and Emonson usually found on the wing or off half-back.

Opponents Fremantle is once again unchanged.

Saturday, April 3

Melbourne v Fremantle at Casey Fields, 1.05pm AEDT


B: L.Magee 26 L.Birch 9 
HB: S.Heath 30 S.Lampard 8 M.Downie 2
C: C.Sherriff 18 E.Zanker 29 E.McNamara 22
HF: J.Parry 19 K.Hore 10 S.Scott 12
F: M.Gay 3 A.Bannan 16
Foll: L.Pearce 15 K.Paxman  C 4 T.Hanks 5
I/C: G.Colvin 32 C.Emonson 11 L.Mithen 14 T.Cunningham 1 B.Tarrant 20 

Emerg: N.McEvoy 17 M.Fitzsimon 24 

In: C.Emonson
Out: D.Pearce (knee)


B: A.Stannett 4 J.Cuthbertson 29 
HB: P.Seth 18 L.Pugh 32 E.O'Driscoll 3
C: E.Antonio 12 K.Antonio  C 15 S.Cain 20
HF: G.O'Sullivan 22 R.Roux 17 S.Duffy 6
F: G.Houghton 27 A.Sharp 1
Foll: M.Strom 21 K.Bowers 2 H.Miller 19
I/C: T.Haynes 33 J.Stewart 7 M.Sergeant 23 B.Webb 26 S.Verrier 5 

Emerg: M.Hyde 28 K.Grieve 13 

No change

Collingwood v North Melbourne at Victoria Park, 3.10pm AEDT


B: R.Schleicher 18 A.Porter 9 
HB: A.Brazill 10 S.Livingstone 12 E.O'Dea 50
C: S.Chiocci 17 J.Lambert 13 E.Fowler 15
HF: A.Sheridan 14 S.Alexander 24 J.Lin 20
F: C.Molloy 2 M.Cann 25
Foll: S.Norder 1 B.Davey  C 3 B.Bonnici 8
I/C: K.Stratton 41 S.Rowe 7 T.Brown 26 B.Smith 19 M.Shevlin 35 

Emerg: A.Velardo 5 A.Newman 16 

In: K.Stratton, M.Shevlin
Out: S.Casey (concussion), A.Newman (omitted)


B: D.Hardiman 31 J.Duffin 27 
HB: S.Wright 17 T.Randall 16 A.Gilroy 8
C: K.Ashmore 10 E.Kearney  C 9 J.Bruton 35
HF: D.Bateman 11 G.Campbell 43 S.Abbatangelo 1
F: B.Lynch 20 D.Bannister 2
Foll: E.King 60 J.Garner 25 A.Riddell 7
I/C: I.Eddey 3 K.Gillespie-Jones 5 N.Bresnehan 12 E.Gavalas 22 V.Saad 39 

Emerg: J.Grierson 19 G.Hammond 44 

In: J.Bruton
Out: M.King (hamstring)

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