Your club's B&F: It's Turbo time again as Dockers coach signs on

FREMANTLE superstar Kiara Bowers has taken out her third consecutive club best and fairest award, while coach Trent Cooper has re-signed for another two seasons.

Bowers - who also came equal-first in the AFLW count - had yet another dominant season, winning the Dockers award by 40 votes ahead of speedy winger Steph Cain.

All-Australian key defender Janelle Cuthbertson finished third, with Fremantle on Sunday night revealing she had played the second half of the season with a broken rib.

AFLW B&F: Turbo and Bri share the spoils

01:21 Apr 21. 2021. 5:13 PM

Kiara Bowers and Brianna Davey capped incredible seasons to share the 2021 AFLW best and fairest

Cooper's two-year deal will tie him to the club until the end of season seven of the AFLW (2022-23), having initially joined the club for the 2019 season.

"I’ve enjoyed my time immensely over the past three seasons and I’m looking forward to the next two," Cooper said.

"Coaching this group has been great. The effort that they’ve put in, the sacrifices they make so willingly to get the best out of themselves as individuals and as a team.

"We’re obviously still chasing greater success, but we’ve had a lot of success over the three years without getting to the pointy end.

"We’re looking froward to challenging again in the next two years to see what we can achieve."

WHO'S HANGING UP THE BOOTS? Your club's retiring players


265 votes: Ebony Marinoff
251 votes: Anne Hatchard
233 votes: Erin Phillips
227 votes: Sarah Allan
174 votes: Stevie-Lee Thompson

Voting system
The Club’s voting system has each of the four coaches give players a rating from zero to eight points based on their performance each round.

Best defender: Sarah Allan
Leading goalkicker: Erin Phillips
Players' player: Anne Hatchard


155 votes: Ally Anderson
150 votes: Orla O'Dwyer
147 votes: Breanna Koenen
146 votes: Kate Lutkins
145 votes: Cathy Svarc

Voting system

Best first year: Courtney Hodder
'All for one' (club values): Shannon Campbell
Most relentless: Cathy Svarc
Most competitive: Dakota Davidson
Trademark player (players' player): Breanna Koenen
Player of the finals: Breanna Koenen and Ally Anderson


66 votes: Darcy Vescio
53 votes: Nicola Stevens
49 votes: Kerryn Harrington
38 votes: Madison Prespakis
34 votes: Georgia Gee
34 votes: Grace Egan

Voting system

Most valuable Bluebagger (players' player): Darcy Vescio
Coaches award: Jess Hosking
VISY best first year award: Mimi Hill


158 votes: Brianna Davey
93 votes: Ruby Schleicher
91 votes: Brit Bonnici
77 votes: Jaimee Lambert
48 votes: Stacey Livingstone

Voting system
The four AFLW coaches each allocated 5-4-3-2-1 votes at the conclusion of each match, meaning the most a player could record per game is 20.

Players' player: Brianna Davey
Best first year: Tarni Brown
Leading goalkicker: Chloe Molloy (16)


180 votes: Kiara Bowers
140 votes: Steph Cain
116 votes: Janelle Cuthbertson
115 votes: Gemma Houghton
111 votes: Hayley Miller

Voting system
Senior coach Trent Cooper and the four assistants each awarded players votes out of five at the conclusion of every match, meaning the maximum a player could poll per game was 25.

Best clubwoman: Ange Stannett
Best first year: Sarah Verrier


71 votes: Amy McDonald
36 votes: Meg McDonald
34 votes: Becky Webster
25 votes: Renee Garing
25 votes: Liv Purcell 

Voting system
At the completion of each AFLW match, Paul Hood awarded a 5-4-3-2-1 rating for the five best players. The three AFLW line coaches are also required to award a 5-4-3-2-1 to the five best players for each match. These two ratings are combined to give each player an aggregate score out of 30 for that AFLW round.

The 'Hoops' club values award: Georgie Rankin
Carter family community champion award: Renee Garing and Steph Williams


238 votes: Lauren Ahrens
233 votes: Alison Drennan
201 votes: Daisy D'Arcy
188 votes: Lucy Single
181 votes: Kate Surman

Voting system
All players are given votes by the coaching staff (head coach and three assistants) on a scale of one to 10 for each match. As such, the maximum a player can poll in each game is 40 votes.

Players' player award: Daisy D’Arcy
Coach's award: Emma Pittman
Most professional award: Bess Keaney


94 votes: Alyce Parker
67 votes: Rebecca Beeson
55 votes: Cora Staunton
50 votes: Elle Bennetts
43 votes: Alicia Eva

Voting system
The Gabrielle Trainor Medal is voted on by Head Coach Alan McConnell and his assistant coaches, who can award votes to players as they see fit on a scale of one to four with a maximum of 16 votes in a round. 

Rising Star Award: Georgia Garnett 
Giants Community Award: Georgia Garnett
AFL Women’s Members Choice Award: Alyce Parker
Mark of the Year: Rebecca Privitelli
Goal of the Year: Haneen Zreika
Leading Goal Kicker: Cora Staunton (10 goals)
Jacinda Barclay Fearless Award: Tait Mackrill
Coaches Award: Britt Tully


64 votes: Tyla Hanks
64 votes: Karen Paxman
57 votes: Lauren Pearce
55 votes: Kate Hore
47 votes: Lily Mithen

Voting system

Trademark player award: Shelley Scott


146 votes: Jasmine Garner
138 votes: Emma Kearney
129 votes: Ash Riddell
109 votes: Kaitlyn Ashmore
107 votes: Ellie Gavalas

Voting system

Best young player: Mia King
Best clubwoman: Emma King
Shinboner of the year: Emma Kearney
Next level performer: Jasmine Garner


16 votes: Monique Conti
15 votes: Katie Brennan
15 votes: Ellie McKenzie
14 votes: Harriet Cordner
13 votes: Rebecca Miller

Voting system
All players were given between 0-3 votes by the match committee following each game; one vote for playing their role and winning their position, two votes for winning their position and impacting the game and three votes for an outstanding game.

Players' player award: Katie Brennan
Leading goalkicker: Katie Brennan
Best first-year player: Ellie McKenzie


80 votes: Georgia Patrikios
49 votes: Tyanna Smith
39 votes: Cat Phillips
37 votes: Rhi Watt
34 votes: Tilly Lucas-Rodd

Voting system

Crest award: Hannah Priest
Best emerging player:
Tyanna Smith
Personal excellence dual-career award:
Bianca Jakobsson


40 votes: Bella Lewis
37 votes: Aisling McCarthy
35 votes: Mikayla Bowen
34 votes: Maddy Collier
34 votes: Grace Kelly
34 votes: Niamh Kelly 

Voting system

Best first-year: Bella Lewis
Best clubperson: Parris Laurie


72 votes: Ellie Blackburn
63 votes: Kirsty Lamb
51 votes: Isabel Huntington
42 votes: Eleanor Brown
39 votes: Bonnie Toogood

Voting system

Most improved: Eleanor Brown
Coaches' award: Deanna Berry
Best young player: Jess Fitzgerald and Katie Lynch
Community award: Bonnie Toogood
Players' player: Bailey Hunt and Bonnie Toogood
Trainers' award: Celine Moody