'I've got a little tear in my ACL': Daisy reveals injury latest ... but will she go on?

MELBOURNE skipper Daisy Pearce has revealed she also damaged her ACL in the incident which prematurely ended her season.

The initial diagnosis communicated by the Demons was Pearce had injured her MCL in round nine, but there was also a small tear to the 32-year-old's ACL.

Respected surgeon Julian Feller will operate on the Demons superstar next Tuesday, with the surgery to focus on the MCL, leaving the ACL to heal naturally.

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20:48 Apr 16. 2021. 9:08 AM

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"I go under the knife next week. I'll have my MCL fixed, I've also got a little tear in my ACL, but it shouldn't need repair, it should just fix on its own," Pearce said on womens.afl's The W Show.

"A couple of weeks lying in bed, then 10-12 weeks I'll be right, [in] time for when pre-season rolls around next year, if I can get the idea of another season past my partner, Ben.

"I think he just needs time to recover from the last few weeks of me being out of action (in looking after twins Sylvie and Roy). I'm hell-bent on getting back, but we'll get there."

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