What time does the AFLW Grand Final start?

The AFL wishes to advise the key points on the running sheet for the 2021 NAB AFL Women’s Grand Final between the Adelaide Crows and the Brisbane Lions at the Adelaide Oval on Saturday, April 17, are as follows.

12.00pm ACST:   Adelaide Oval gates open
12.10pm:              2021 Colgate AFLW Grand Final Sprint heats
12:42pm:              Welcome to Country
12:50pm:              G Flip performance
1:11pm:                Umpires enter
1:13pm:                Brisbane Lions enter
1:16pm:                Adelaide Crows enter
1:24pm:                Delivery of the 2021 NAB AFL Women’s Premiership Cup
1:25pm:                Australian national anthem performed by Chloe Bremner
1:27pm:                Coin toss
1:30pm:                2021 NAB AFL Women’s Grand Final starts
¼ time:                 Rebel Rookie Challenge
½ time:                 2021 Colgate AFLW Grand Final Sprint
¾ time:                 NAB Kick for Cash
¾ time:                 Chemist Warehouse Zorb Challenge
3:10pm (approx):  Final siren
3:15pm (approx):  Post-match presentation
3:40pm (approx):  Post-match press conferences on arena 

Starting times around Australia

AWST: 12pm – WA
ACST (local): 1.30pm – SA, NT

The W Show: Grand Final bonanza, how to stop a superstar

20:48 Apr 16. 2021. 9:08 AM

Nat Edwards and Daisy Pearce preview the 2021 NAB AFLW Grand Final between the Crows and Lions

Drawn Match (Playing of Additional Time)

The AFL wishes to advise the process for playing of additional time if scores are even following the 2021 NAB AFL Women’s Grand Final.

The following procedure shall apply in the event of a draw at the end of ordinary time:

  • Six-minute and 30 second break.
  • Additional Time period of two x three-minute halves (plus time on) will be played as required, until a result is determined.

1. Goal umpires confirm scores are identical;
2. There is a six minute and 30 second break;
3. Teams change ends;
4. Three minutes of Additional Time shall be played, plus time-on;
5. At the end of the first Additional Time period, the siren will sound and teams will immediately change ends without a break;
6. The ball will be thrown up in the centre and a further three minutes of play (plus time-on) will commence;
7. At the conclusion of this period, the siren will sound and the team with the highest score is declared the winner;
8. If scores are still tied, steps three - eight are repeated until a result is determined.

Note: There will be no breaks in play for Coaches or Club Football Officials to access the Playing Area.
Any Starting Position (5-6-5) warnings are reset for each period of Additional Time.

Grand Final Umpires

Field Umpires:
Nicholas McGinness
Michael Pell
Nathan Toner
Emergency Field Umpire:
Peter Bailes
Boundary Umpires:
Nicholas Phillips 
Benjamin Fely 
Jordan Russell 
Simon Blight 
Emergency Boundary Umpire:
Luke Graves
Goal Umpires
Tom Sullivan 
Braden Ford 
Emergency Goal Umpire:
Matthew Edwards 

Grand Final preview: Key match-ups, wildcard moves

06:44 Apr 17. 2021. 7:59 AM

AFLW coaches Daniel Harford and Nathan Burke preview the 2021 NAB AFLW Grand Final between Adelaide and Brisbane

Medal Presenters and Premiership Cup Ambassador

The AFL on Friday announced the medal presenters for the 2021 NAB AFL Women’s Grand Final, along with the 2021 AFLW Premiership Cup Ambassador.
Best on Ground Medal
Richard Goyder AO – AFL Commission Chair Richard Goyder AO will present the Best on Ground Medal.
Coaches Medal
Debbie Lee – AFL Life Member and women’s football pioneer Debbie Lee will present the Coaches Medal to the Premiership Coach. Debbie’s on-field achievements include:

302 VWFL games 
5 x Helen Lambert Medal for competition Best and Fairest 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 & 2001;
6 x All Australian;
16 x State games for Victoria;
6 x State Captain for Victoria;
3 x Premiership player – 1991 (East Brunswick), 2004 & 2011 (St Albans Spurs);
1 x Premiership Captain 2004 (St Albans Spurs).
Lisa Hardeman Medallist (Best on ground in Grand Final – 1991 and 2004);
7 x Club Best & Fairest;
Club Captain at St. Albans Spurs 1991-2004.
Premiership Cup Presenter
Jamie Howell – Yeronga South Brisbane Devils Football Club player, Jamie Howell, has been selected to be the 2021 NAB AFLW Premiership Cup Ambassador. Jamie, who is profoundly deaf, captured the hearts of many people last year when her teammates surprised her by performing a rendition of their club theme song in Auslan, following a win in the QAFLW league. As part of her role, Jamie will present the AFLW Premiership Cup to the winning team.

Umpires’ Medals
Gabrielle Trainor AO – AFL Commissioner Gabrielle Trainor AO will present the Umpires’ Medals.

Best on Ground Medal Panel

The AFL wishes to advise the judges for the 2021 NAB AFL Women’s Grand Final Best on Ground Medal will be as follows:
- Josh Vanderloo (AFL, Chairperson)
- Debbie Lee (AFL Life Member)
- Courtney Cramey (AFLW Awards Committee / FiveAA)
- Chyloe Kurdas (ABC)
- Sarah Black (AFL.com.au) 
As a reminder to all media, the Best on Ground Medal cannot be shared between two players.
In the event of a tie, the tie is broken as follows:
- Number of three votes received
- Number of two votes received
- If still unbroken, votes cast by the Chairperson will break the tie.

Free Public Transport in SA for those with tickets to the 2021 NAB AFL Women’s Grand Final this Saturday

The AFL, together with the South Australian Government, are pleased to announce that supporters with tickets to the 2021 NAB AFL Women’s Grand Final will be able to travel to and from Adelaide Oval for free this Saturday, April 17.

Passengers are encouraged to maintain social distancing wherever possible and use their best judgement and wait for the following service if they do not feel as though there is adequate space, or if instructed to do so.

Passengers are also reminded not to travel on public transport if they are feeling unwell.

Please note: Fans are required to wear masks when entering Adelaide Oval and when moving around the venue.
The AFL would like to thank the SA Government for making free public transport available to AFLW fans on the day.

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