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2018 NAB AFL Women's Draft

Who did your club select?

The NAB AFL Women’s Draft is that moment, for many, when a dream becomes reality – the day when a new or unsigned player’s life can change in an instant.

Below, you’ll find the 2018 NAB AFL Women’s Draft listed by round. Not to get confused, every year the draft happens at the end of the season, so even though it’s the 2018 Draft, these are the new players who’ll be getting out there in 2019.

NAB AFL Women’s Draft Combine

Prior to the draft, this event puts draft prospects through their paces. It’s an opportunity for AFLW clubs to see and consider players’ physical abilities and readiness for the AFLW. 

NAB AFL Women’s Draft

The NAB AFLW Draft is an annual event, post season, when young players are selected by AFLW clubs for the following year. The event carries with it a sense of excited anticipation – it is that moment, for many, when a dream becomes reality. To be eligible for the draft, footballers must be 18 years of age in the year that they are picked for.

Recap: 2018 AFLW Draft - Who did your club select?

2018 NAB AFL Women's Draft
GEEL1. Nina Morrison (Geelong Falcons, VIC)
GEEL2. Sophie Van De Huevel (GWV Rebels, VIC)
CARL3. Madison Prespakis (Calder Cannons, VIC)
FRE4. Jasmin Stewart (Claremont, WA)
COLL5. Jordyn Allen (Dandenong Stingrays, VIC)
MELB6. Tyla Hanks (Gipplsland Power, VIC)
GEEL7. Rebecca Webster (Murray Bushrangers, VIC)
ADEL8. Nikki Gore (South Adelaide, SA)
BL9. Paige Parker (Coorparoo, QLD)
WB10. Eleanor Brown (Sandringham Dragons, VIC)
COLL11. Katie Lynch (Oakleigh Chargers, VIC)
GWS12. Alyce Parker (Thurgoona Bulldogs, NSW)


COLL13. Mikala Cann (Eastern Ranges, VIC)
GEEL14. Olivia Purcell (Geelong Falcons, VIC)
MELB15. Madeline Brancatisano (Northern Knights, VIC)
CARL16. Abbie McKay (Sandringham Dragons, VIC)
FRE17. Sabreena Duffy (Peel Thunderbirds, WA)
COLL18. Lauren Butler (GWV Rebels, VIC)
COLL19. Maddie Shevlin (Melbourne rookie list/Gungahlin Jets, ACT)
GEEL20. Denby Taylor (Geelong Falcons, VIC)
CARL21. Jayde Van Dyk (Eastern Ranges, VIC) 
BL22. Natalie Grider (University of Queendland, QLD)
WB23. Aisling McCarthy (Tipperary, Ireland)
GEEL24. Georgia Clarke (GWV Rebels, VIC)
NMFC25. Daisy Bateman (Oakleigh Chargers, VIC)


WB26. Kate Bartlett (Peel Thunderbirds, WA)
CARL27. Charlotte Wilson (Eastern Ranges, VIC)
FRE28. Philipa Seth (East Fremantle, WA)
COLL29. Sophie Alexander (Eastern Devils, VIC)
ADEL30. Jessica Foley (Sturt, SA)
MELB31. Jordann Hickey (Northern Territory Thunder, NT)
COLL32. Georgia Gourlay (Casey Demons, VIC)
BL33. McKenzie Dowrick (Subiaco, WA)
WB34. Selena Karlson (Southern Saints, VIC)
GEEL35. Rene Caris (GWV Rebels, VIC)
NMFC36. Courtney Munn (Southern Saints, VIC)


ADEL37. Chloe Scheer (Central District, SA)
COLL38. Emerson Woods (Eastern Ranges, VIC)
FRE39. Courtney Stubbs (Subiaco, WA)
CARL40. Rhiannon Watt (Southern Saints, VIC)
ADEL41. Katelyn Rosenzweig (Salisbury, SA)  
CARL42. Jessica Edwards (Collingwood VFLW, VIC)
GWS43. Brittany Perry (North Adelaide, SA)
MELB44. Shelley Heath (Southern Saints, VIC)
BL45. Lauren Bella (Bond University, QLD)
WB46. Jessie Davies (Western Bulldogs VFLW, VIC)
GEEL47. Maighan Fogas (Geelong VFLW, VIC)
ADEL48. Danielle Ponter (St Mary’s, NT)


CARL49. Pass
FRE50. Parris Laurie (Claremont, WA)
COLL51. Jordan Membrey (Wilson Grange, QLD)
MELB52. Pass 
ADEL53. Hannah Martin (West Adelaide, SA)
GWS54. Lisa Whiteley (South Adelaide, SA)
NMFC55. Chloe Haines (Burnie, TAS)
BL56. Tori Groves-Little (Coorparoo, QLD)
GEEL57. Elise Coventry (Geelong VFLW, VIC)
NMFC58. Libby Haines (Burnie, TAS)


FRE59. Laura Pugh (West Perth, WA)
GWS60. Ingrid Nielsen (UNSW Bulldogs, NSW)
BL61. Jesse Tawhiao-Wardlaw (Coorparoo, QLD)
GEEL62. Madeline Keryk (Geelong VFLW, VIC)
NMFC63. Nicole Bresnehen (Clarence, TAS)


FRE64. Matilda Sergeant (Claremont, WA)
GWS65. Renee Tomkins (Auburn Giants, NSW)


FRE66. Ebony Dowson (Peel Thunder, WA)
GWS67. Delma Gisu (Wilston Grange, QLD)


FRE68. Pass
GWS69. Haneen Zreika (Auburn Giants, NSW)
COLL70. Erica Fowler (Collingwood VFLW, VIC)
GWS71. Ebony O’Dea (Norwood, SA)

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