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West Coast Eagles

West Coast Eagles Squad

Joining the NAB AFL Women's competition in 2020.

1Ashlee Atkins
2Kate Bartlett
3Mikayla Bowen
4Melissa Caulfield
5Maddy Collier
6Cassie Davidson
7Suzi-Rose Deegan
8McKenzie Dowrick
9Kellie Gibson
10Brianna Green
11Courtney Guard
12Dana Hooker
13Alicia Janz
14Parris Laurie
15Belinda Smith
16Emma Swanson

Trade and Signing Period:

Signed: Ashlee Atkins (Fremantle), Kate Bartlett (Western Bulldogs), Mikayla Bowen (u/18), Melissa Caulfield (Fremantle), Maddy Collier (Greater Western Sydney), Cassie Davidson (Fremantle), Rosie Deegan (u/18), McKenzie Dowrick (Brisbane), Kellie Gibson (Fremantle), Brianna Green (Fremantle), Courtney Guard (nee Stubbs; Fremantle), Dana Hooker (Fremantle), Alicia Janz (Fremantle), Grace Kelly (Ireland, rookie), Niamh Kelly (Ireland, rookie), Parris Laurie (Fremantle), Belinda Smith (Western Bulldogs), Emma Swanson (Greater Western Sydney).

Traded: First-round selection (now pick 17) to Brisbane for McKenzie Dowrick. Pick 86 to Fremantle for Cassie Davidson. Pick 90 to the Western Bulldogs for Kate Bartlett.

Expansion Signings/Delisted: N/A (expansion club)